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  Stuart Leyland 14:33 26 Mar 2007

Hi all.

I bought the 64 bit version of Vista Home Premium a few days after it was released and I've not nothing but problems with it. The computer will randomly hang with seemingly no reason. It does not depend on what action I perform (eg: closing a window always causes a crash) nor which programs are currently running (so it seems). I've reinstalled since my initial installation as I suspected drivers were an issue but the current installation hung with no drivers other than those installed by Vista itself. I had also not installed any other programs at this stage. Recently I updated all the drivers to the newest ones supplied by the manufacturers but the hanging still continues.

I am beginning to suspect that the issue lies with the 64 bit version that I am running and it would be great if I could change to the 32 bit version to test this theory out. Obviously buying another copy of Vista is not a particularly feasible idea as it costs quite a bit of money. I am wondering if there are any other ways round this issue. I am aware of Microsoft offering the ability to upgrade to a "higher" version of Vista but there does not seem to be a method of switching to the 32 bit version.

If anyone could suggest anything (either to stop the hanging or the change to 32 bit Vista), I would be very happy.

Thanks in advance

  dth 16:39 26 Mar 2007

I thought that the retail version of Vista includes both the 32 or 64 bit versions!

It does sound like a driver issue. Just to double check that it isn't an actual hardware problem it might be worth buying one of the Linux magazines (from W H Smiths and the like) with a 'Live' cd/dvd. This would run from the cd/dvd without upsetting the windows installation and is a good way of ruling things out.

  Stuart Leyland 20:18 26 Mar 2007

I knew I had missed something out in my original message! The version of Vista I bought was the OEM one and it says on the disc: "This disc contains only 64 bit software".

It does very much sound like driver issues. I am currently running on Windows Basic (as opposed to Windows Aero) in an attempt to rule out the graphics driver. No crashes as yet but we'll see how it goes!

  keith-236785 22:06 29 Mar 2007

one option would be to download the "evaluation copy" of windows vista and try a clean install of that, you get 30 days trial time which is enough time to see if the problem still exists, if so then it is probably a hardware issue.

rightly or wrongly i downloaded this from limewire to try out vista on my present hardware/software though i believe it was also available from microsoft as a beta version, i dislike the fact that microsofts compatability checker suggests even some microsoft programs such as visual basic 6 will NOT work, i hope it is wrong because i now have a proper paid for version of vista on its way, if it wont then i will have to dual boot winXP which i dont really want to do.

the only problem is that the evaluation trial is the vista ultimate version which may spoil you :-)

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