3.5mm audio splitter.

  omegaalpha 19:47 06 May 2011

Hey, I bought a new PC (Win 7 HP, 32-bit) and I think that the sound card (an ASUS Xonar DS 7.1) is physically faulty.

I have 5.1 surround sound system, and there are three audio jacks, a green; a black and a yellow. I plugged them into their respective ports on the audio card, but I have a lot of white noise and a high pitch "squeal" when I turn the speakers on.

I know that there is a physical fault with the card, as everytime I physically manipulate the yellow jack (whilst still connected to the audio card) I can reduce, not eliminate, the high pitch "squeal" and the white noise. If I unplug the yellow jack, there is no high pitch "squeal" - hence the assumption to the physical fault.

What I want to do is find an audio jack splitter; a cable that has 3 female plugs that merge into 1 male audio jack - and plug this in to just one audio port on the card. If all 5 speakers work on just one audio port of the card, then I know that one (or more) of the other audio ports are faulty and then I can get a replacement from the manufacturer.

The question here is; does anyone know of a place that sells this type of cabling? I've tried looking on the net, but cannot find anything relevant?

Greatly appreciate any help, Thanks, Omegaalpha :)

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