32 bit software on Win 7

  djsew 20:50 06 Aug 2011

A friend of mine has a hobby software system which it 32bit (database c1995 !). He has now upgraded to new laptop with Win 7. The old software will not run, contact with software designer has not helped. Is there a utility that will enable 32bit software run on 64bit systems?

  Number six 22:29 06 Aug 2011

A system that old is probably running DOS-based software. You need to run it inside an emulator. Something like DOSBOX might work:


  ankitadas 06:54 08 Aug 2011


In my experience, most 32-bit software "just works" in 64-bit Windows 7. There's an interface layer called WOW32 - Windows on Windows - that provides a 32-bit interface to the 64-bit OS for 32-bit applications and handles that translation between 32 and 64 bits.

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  skeletal 10:51 09 Aug 2011

I’m extremely new to W7 so I’m nowhere near 100% sure of my facts, but like ankitadas, I don’t think it is a problem with 32 bits vs 64 bits. All my 32 bit software (e.g. like Office) works fine.

It is more likely to be a software incompatibly problem as Number six has said.


  Strawballs 12:40 12 Aug 2011

That would be like getting a VHS to work in a DVD player might be time to update software.

  ams4127 20:06 12 Aug 2011

Try running in compatability mode for XP.

  c4rm0 20:19 12 Aug 2011

32 Bit software works fine on a 64 bit OS

You got a couple choices as has already been said right click on the .exe and try running it in win98 / XP compatibility modes. Failing that you could try Virtual windows XP mode or download the Microsoft Application compatibility toolkit and see if a shim is available

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