2008 Vista Problems Cont. ...how to wipe Vista?

  imagraphicx 01:00 23 Jun 2008

I am a professional web developer and video editor for 18 years+. I cannot fathom Vista, every click requires a special consideration (ie, run as Administrator).

Programs that I use to edit Video, Flash and others, DO NOT work with Vista even in Administrator Mode. I have over 12 that are great editors, but do not work with Vista, and I cannot wait the years it will take for them to transition. I want to click and go. Not to mention the intolerable security, and inability to strictly run as administrator.

This is affecting my company and the thousands of dollars I will have to spend to acquire programs to edit that WILL work with Vista now. Or the money lost in waiting till programs I already purchased decide to work with Vista. I NEED to wipe my hard-drive and install XP or I am shut down and should never have purchased this new system.

2008: I have tried for 3 weeks, and very VERY few programs install and work properly (at least programs I need to run my business, editing). The only thing that installed and runs perfectly is the Microsoft Office Suite - Office 2003.

They (Microsoft) just came up with a new idea to screw businesses to get $$, add "media center", and speak primarily to an audience that is pretty much "home entertainment" based, effectively screwing the business entity and requiring them to change out and purchase things, (not even MS software), but all things to work with Vista.

  MCE2K5 02:04 23 Jun 2008

"every click requires a special consideration (ie, run as Administrator)":
Disable UAC click here

Windows Vista Software Compatibility List click here

"2008: I have tried for 3 weeks, and very VERY few programs install and work properly (at least programs I need to run my business, editing).":
I have had Vista Ultimate for about Three Months, Best thing since Sliced Bread.
I also make Videos using Ulead Video Studio 11.5 Plus, No problems with Vista at all.

How to downgrade from Vista to XP click here

  Pine Man 09:01 23 Jun 2008

'I have tried for 3 weeks, and very VERY few programs install and work properly (at least programs I need to run my business, editing)'

Did Microsoft say they would run on Vista?

Did you attempt to try to find out if they would run on Vista before you bought it?

i have given up on it again also. but...
if you download any program, untick run on exit, go to the exe file in my computer, right click run as admin you only get the pop up once.
i havnt found a program this doesnt work with.
or turn it off, or click here
uac is the least of vistas problems IMHO

  aine 21:18 23 Jun 2008

Adman 2. could you tell me how to play this TOCM it appears as a MP3 file. My WMP11 cannot play it? would be grateful. Aine

i have never heard of it sorry, im guessing you need a codec.

  imagraphicx 22:32 23 Jun 2008

Thanks MCE2K5, disabling UAC appeases me for now! Thanks for the compat list, and after disabling UAC, the programs run (I'm just not used to having to click extra for run as administrator, etc.) That really helped, and the programs are now working. ALSO appreciated the info on downgrading (just in case for later if it ever becomes a real issue). So far, I've decided to continue with it, and keep XP on my other system. THANKS MUCH.

  imagraphicx 22:58 23 Jun 2008


  MCE2K5 01:19 24 Jun 2008

I am glad we got you sorted, Stick with Vista, It's a nice OS, Can't Fault it Yet!

havnt tried it myself click here

  Rob_08 04:13 01 Jul 2008

Even Intel have had enuogh of Vista !!!

click here

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