1GB Turbo Memory

  LegoTestPilot 15:59 07 Dec 2007

Been offered this on a new laptop my sister is getting with Vista.
But what is it?????

  anskyber 16:01 07 Dec 2007

Have you got a link to the machine or can you give more details?

  anskyber 16:02 07 Dec 2007

PS I have a feeling it is this. click here

  LegoTestPilot 18:22 07 Dec 2007

Cheers for that, as i'm not a vista user (apart from in VMWare)i had no idea what it was.
But i do now!

  Totally-braindead 19:35 07 Dec 2007

Wonder if it actually works or if you are better in some cases with normal memory?

Must admit I'd never heard of it either.

  Ashrich 21:41 10 Dec 2007

It works as extra high speed cache for the hard drive , speeding up access to programs and the like , a bit of a precursor to full nand flash hard disks , these will become reasonably common as soon as the hard drive makers release their grip on the industry and realise that solid state is the way forward .


  anskyber 17:44 11 Dec 2007

Yes I agree regarding flash memory.

I imagine there could be some practical limits with flash but setting such limits with IT usually brings forward some bright spark who just moves the whole thing forward, big time.

The spinning HDD seems very inferior tech relying as it does on moving parts. Mind you, how amazing it is they've continued to expand it's capabilities.

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