16GB system running on 32 bit OS, previously 64bit

  SamNDG 22:00 18 Oct 2016

Hi all,

Basically my computer has 16GB of ram and runs on a 32 bit system. It used to run on a 64 bit system before I sent it to a shop for some repairs. Please advise me on this situation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 18 Oct 2016

if running 32bit will only use 3.5G of the RAM

did they reinstall windows if so maybe they only installed 32bit you will need to reinstall a 64bit system

Make and model of PC? mothreboard? CPU? windows version 10?

  alanrwood 09:55 19 Oct 2016

+1 to FB

  Burn-it 17:00 19 Oct 2016

Correction?? The shop need to reinstall the 64bit system - if you trust them. They had no right to change it in the first place.

  Burn-it 17:02 19 Oct 2016

And possibly replace the memory they nicked????

  lotvic 17:42 19 Oct 2016

I'd advise to get Speccy (freeware program) to tell you what you've (now) got click here filehippo.com

Speccy will give you detailed statistics on every piece of hardware in your computer. Including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, Audio support. Additionally Speccy adds the temperatures of your different components....etc

  SamNDG 19:39 20 Oct 2016

Here are me Speccy results:

Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit SP1 CPU AMD FX-4100 28 °C Zambezi 32nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 671MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. GA-970A-DS3 (Socket M2) 36 °C Graphics E2242 ([email protected]) SyncMaster ([email protected]) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (ZOTAC International) 44 °C Storage 931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-9YN162 ATA Device (SATA) 36 °C Optical Drives TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-222BB ATA Device Audio High Definition Audio Device

I have a windows disk that had x86 versions. I've tried to install that and it didn't work.

  lotvic 21:15 20 Oct 2016

x86 is 32bit click here pca article 32 bit v 64 bit: (x86 v x64) explained.

Do you have two Windows Retail disks? Did you buy Windows 7 Home Premium and get two DVDs in the pack or get a Windows Disk another way?

  Burn-it 20:08 21 Oct 2016

It really doesn't matter what he has. The point is that the shop should have reinstated the same version that was on it before and it is up to them to restore it at their cost.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:32 21 Oct 2016

Agree with Burn-it, the shop should correct their error at their own expense.

  lotvic 20:42 21 Oct 2016

Burn-it, yes I agree. Just trying to make sure that it was 64 bit on before (certainly seems it would be as got 16GB ram) However I wouldn't post advice to go charging back to shop complaining unless I was really sure of my facts and that includes what's now installed.

Also unknown is whether it's (Big Name) OEM pre-installed OS or if it's Retail. Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post did ask for details of the pc.

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