15 minute start-up - HELP!

  Joe_A123 23:42 21 Dec 2007

running vista on a HP DV2278ea laptop (2gb ram, core2duo, etc)

at the minute its taking around 15-20 minutes to load up, which is plain silly to be honest!

any ideas what it could be? have literally nothing on the right hand side of the start bar, anti-virus all disabled yet runs so slowly.

done memory tests, done HDD tests.. CPU never seems to actually do much, run a program and it idles for about 10 seconds before doing anything ??

either gonna format and re-install vista or call HP see if i can get anything sorted? any ideas?

  mrwoowoo 02:39 22 Dec 2007

if you have norton software on your system remove it and replace with free anti virus software etc as norton is very resource hungry and can slow down any pc.
If the pc is new get rid of any free/trial software that you don't need and prevent the programmes from starting up that you don't need.
A handy link

click here

  skidzy 10:14 22 Dec 2007

15-20 mins thats absurd.

Ok,as above basically;

What do you have installed on the machine ?
Please list everything ie;

Any P2P software ?
Norton ?
What AV and Antispyware app if different from possibly Norton ?

What tests have you run ?

Have you run the hdd makers diagnostic tools ?

Have you tried System Restore ?

Please provide as much info as possible,this will stop us asking you to try this and try that.

  Joe_A123 10:49 23 Dec 2007

cheers for the replies..

ive run windows memory diagnostic tools, but no HDD checks other than a speed test - which came out ok.

have utorrent+limewire installed, but both are not in any startup options etc.. system restore only dates back about 2 months tried it and its pretty useless.

norton was installed until a few weeks ago, just running with zonealarm now.

followed all the tips as stated in the post previous but it still stays the same. literally have nothing running in the taskbar other than windows sidebar+battery indicator+wireless connection+volume.

frustrating stuff

  skidzy 11:46 23 Dec 2007

Its not whats just in the taskbar Joe,have a look in MSCONFIG.

Start and type MSCONFIG and select Startup,have a look around in there and untick what is not needed.

Leave Antivirus and firewall alone and any antispyware that has a realtime scanner.

Then goto Start and type
and enter,scroll through to Superfetch and disable this.This will stop the extra harddrive activity on startup.

Have you got any Antivirus installed since the removal of Norton ?

Have you used the Norton removal tool and then swept your machine for any Norton remanants ?

  Joe_A123 11:54 23 Dec 2007

done as you said, all msconfig stuff had been done previously as of the first reply..

all norton stuff gone, just running zonealarm now.

used a few HDD healthcheckers and they both put the health of the disk at between 50-60%.. not sure whether this affects the performance at all though, but could this be a problem?

  skidzy 12:02 23 Dec 2007

I would say yes,have you run Vista's defrag though this should be configured to run in the background.

50% health,have you run chkdsk,you need elevated rights to this.

Since you use p2p software,run your av in safemode as well as Superantispyware click here free version.

What AV do you have installed ?

  Joe_A123 12:14 23 Dec 2007

yeah defrag is scheduled every week, normally takes absolutely ages considering its done every week.

running chkdsk as we speak. zonealarm is the only anti-virus i currently have running after getting rid of norton.

at the minute it seems more of a HDD issue, as RAM/processor are rarely above 50% when performing tasks, know of any good diagnostics or should i just wait for chkdsk?

  skidzy 12:55 23 Dec 2007

Are you sure you dont mean Zonealarm Firewall ?

or do you have this click here

If you are using 50% cpu (depending on what your doing) i would say thats a tad high with a core2duo system.

I have a core2duo lappy and very rarely does it hit 50% usage thats even when downloading movies from my camcorder and other tasks going on.

Check task manager to see what process is hogging the resources.

  Why wont it work 13:12 23 Dec 2007

If you have the Zone Alarm security suite from looking around on other forums people are having trouble with recent versions. There seems to be problems on many pcs of 'scanningprocess.exe' taking up lots of resources, it's currently causing my sister's moderately specced (3.2ghz P4, 2gb ram) to occasionally grind to a halt.

On both my sisters desktop and my own its has slowed down startup considerably (we both use XP) and my pc is a 3ghz Core 2 Duo, 2gb ram, 10000rpm hdd- so it shouldn't be as slow as it is! Apparently the Zone Alarm anti-virus bit does a virus scan on every startup which causes this slowness, it can't be turned off. I used to have a similar problem on my vista laptop, but thank goodness the licence expired and I changed to ESS. Interestingly I have no such problem on our old desktop which seems completely unaffected by Zone Alarm, so it would appear that it's totally random. Try uninstalling it and see if that's the problem...

  hansa 20:45 24 Dec 2007


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