ZX Spectrum 25th anniversary. Remember when....

  Blackhat 22:46 10 Mar 2007

In those old days you had to type in the program in "basic" language.

I had a ZX80 & 81, I bought an add on memory board for my 81, I think it was 16K. I also think the original 81 had only a 1K memory.

Realy enjoyed finding new programs in magazines, I remember programing a real time clock in my 81, then I found a program for a tennis game.

Went on to an Acorn Atom computer which used 4th language an got lost in programing. I think it had a 4K memory

Anyone else remember using an 80 or 81?

  oresome 22:51 10 Mar 2007

I copied the programs from books and magazines and then spent hours looking for the commas and semi colons I'd missed.

  Blackhat 23:00 10 Mar 2007

Forgot to mention there was a feature of the ZX Spectrun 25th anniversary on BBC News24 "Click" program that prompted my thread. It brought back memories.

I never actualy had a Spectrum but my older brother did and he anoyed me endlessly by showing off how much better it was compared to my ZX81.

He is now still running windows 95 with no internet connection compared with my XP & 2mb download.

  Forum Editor 23:05 10 Mar 2007

somewhere. I've also got a BBC computer in a cupboard - maybe I'll take it to an antiques road show one of these days.

  silverous 23:07 10 Mar 2007

The zx81 was the first computer I touched. My father's friend who lived "up the road" leant it to us one weekend and I typed in what seemed like 20+ pages of program to play "Sink the bismarck" which was a blocky game where you typed in the angle and velocity for a ship to launch a missile (a full stop if I recall correctly) against a bismarck (some blocky graphics).

It got me interested in computers at approximately 8-10 years old (can't remember exactly) - an interest that I have enjoyed and has turned into my career ever since. I owe a lot to that ZX81 !!!

  Blackhat 23:08 10 Mar 2007

FE, they can be worth a fortune to some collectors, especially the original ZX80 in working condition. Mine was lost many years ago.

  Blackhat 23:13 10 Mar 2007

Just found this on ebay

click here

  chocolate cake 23:36 10 Mar 2007

By the time I reached the stage of being allowed to do more than look at a computer it was the Commodore 64 that was the computer of choice.

The luxury of the enormous compuing power and thank goodness I don't have to keep 'goto' lines anymore.

  Dipso 00:15 11 Mar 2007

LOL! I did exactly the same...and how disappointing was it when you'd spent hours typing the stuff in, to find the result was rubbish!

  robgf 02:12 11 Mar 2007

I agree, the hours I spent typing on that awful ZX81 keyboard, to watch a few blocks crawl about the screen, in a sad imitation of Space Invaders.

I also got a Jupiter Ace (yep, it was me who bought it), it was pretty good, much better than the ZX81, but hardly any were sold, so it died a death.

I've still got my Spectrum and it still works (at least it did the last time I tried it), I'm waiting for it to become an antique. :)

  crosstrainer 06:32 11 Mar 2007

You are right, the zx80...which I got from Cambridge Electronics (long gone methinkd) as a kit 'cause it was quicker on delivery..had 1k memory, and a little raised turbo type area on the case...this was very handy for keeping your coffee warm, as it got very hot!

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