ZX 81

  Toneman 14:03 05 Oct 2009

Appears to be a programme about Sir Clive and his ZX 81 on BBC4 on Thursday, might be worth videoing, on rather late for me...

  Quickbeam 15:44 05 Oct 2009

There's been quite a lot on recently about the advance of technology.

I watched one last week where a family had to move into a house fitted out for the '70s. 1 TV, 3 channels, shutdown at 11:00pm, no computers/games, a standalone cooker, no central heating, simulated power cuts, Choppers for the kids and they even gave the father an old Cortina to go to work in... how did we manage in such basic un-techie times?

By the end of the week they had advanced to a Teasmaid and a 'ping pong' video game for the TV!

  Pine Man 15:51 05 Oct 2009

'By the end of the week they had advanced to a Teasmaid and a 'ping pong' video game for the TV!'

Teasmade predated the 70's by forty years at least!

  Quickbeam 16:34 05 Oct 2009

That's what I thought, but I think they were struggling to provide modern technology for the '70s week. Mind you, they got a 'music centre' to spend the dark winter nights as a treat on top of the board games and Buckaroo that they had:)

  OTT_Buzzard 16:52 05 Oct 2009

I can thnk of far worse ways to live - I'd go back even further in time to live in a heartbeat. I would however quite like to keep access to 21 centuary medicine!

  morddwyd 19:44 05 Oct 2009

"I would however quite like to keep access to 21 centuary medicine!"

That's the point, of course.

If I went back even just twenty years I'd probably be dead.

  the hick 21:40 05 Oct 2009

As Pineman says, Teasmades were not exactly new then, and many new houses had central heating by then as well. I even had it fitted in my 20's house in 1976, about £600 then!

  Quickbeam 21:48 05 Oct 2009

Their house has been '80s-ised for tomorrow night... standby for the house brick sized mobile phone!

  Quickbeam 08:12 06 Oct 2009

home recording system click here We've come a long way in less that a hundred years.

  Chegs ®™ 16:48 06 Oct 2009

I watched Electric Dreams with much amusement.I can recall my mother cooking for the family on a similar cooker,my being jealous of my friends as they all had "Chopper" bikes & I was using a "hand-me-down" that had served my brother & sister before I got it.We also had no central-heating,just a collection of "storage heaters" that my Dad had to regularly dismantle & repair(large metal box with heating element passing between lots of bricks)no double glazing until 2000,and in really cold spells,a few parafin heaters were brought out the loft.The various points made during the programme were that such items as teasmaids werent popular until the mid 70's,the personal computers available then were little more than calculators,the father of the family was offered a "period" computer to use at work~(accountancy)and stated that it simply wasnt up to the task(which he wouldnt have had to discover if he could receive emails as his employer sent out email to all employees informing them to stay at home due to the weather)I can hardly wait for the 80's programme. :)

  Toneman 18:31 06 Oct 2009

As this is my thread I'll just say that when I started work as an office junior in 1946 (was it really that long ago?) I had to use a letter copying press to copy outgoing letters - typed with a copying ribbon...

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