Zimbabwe Crisis

  bremner 16:23 22 Jun 2008

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Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the Presdential run off in Zimbabwe.

He called on the global community to step in to prevent "genocide".

Would you support military action, through the UN, to remove Mugabe?

  jakimo 16:26 22 Jun 2008

absolutely YES

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:41 22 Jun 2008


  spuds 16:51 22 Jun 2008

The problem is that the UN cannot remove Mugabe, they can only impose sanctions, which they are already doing.

You only have to look at other African states, and see how they were or are being run. As usual its the innocent that suffer.

Had there been masses of oil or other precious commodities, then world power intervention would have been perhaps far simpler!.

  crosstrainer 17:10 22 Jun 2008

Mugabe's comment "Only god can remove me from power" that sums it up.

In due course this will happen. Other African states who paid lip service to him are now turning away....It's only a matter of time before he is deposed. Military action would result in a civil war, and would be non-productive.

  sunny staines 17:36 22 Jun 2008

the african unity can send in forces and sort it out.
only needs RSA,UGANDA,MOCAMBIQUE and ZAMBIA to link up.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:53 22 Jun 2008

1) There is no way the African States will join together to depose Mugabe as their Goverment leaders are notorious for lining their own nests. I would put large summs of money on all the African States being rotten to the core.
2) There is no chance of British troops there as there is no economically extractable oil reserves. You will only find the British Army where there is oil or where there is land needed for moving oil and they have nothing to do with 'freeing the enslaved peoples'. The families of servicemen killed in action must be very proud.


  day2strike 17:59 22 Jun 2008

Sanctions against Zimbabwe hurt those in most need of aid!
And Gandalf is right with his 1st point!

  newman35 18:24 22 Jun 2008

Why has Nelson Mandella not denounced Mugabe?
The world (and particularly Africa) would no doubt listen to him and maybe feel they should step in - but only silence from the Great Man.
His silence is certainly what Mugabe wants.

  Forum Editor 18:27 22 Jun 2008

Other countries cannot simply walk into a sovereign state and dispose of its leader, unless there's a UN resolution authorising military action, and that's not likely to happen as things stand. It means there's very little anyone can do. Morgan Tsvangirai has effectively handed the continued leadership to Mugabe by withdrawing from the election.

  Al94 18:55 22 Jun 2008

I think Mandela is being very cowardly over this issue. He must know that if he spoke out it would it would be listened to. One has to wonder why he is keeping quiet on this one.

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