ulrich 19:56 06 Jun 2008

I do hope we are not going to see the great and wonderful sit back as usual and do nothing about this poor country, accept say he shouldn't do this. If we can't help these people on the ground then let there be airdrops.

I know cost a lot of money, but we seem to be able to spend money on football and the Olympics.

I am feeling very angry, people get locked up on suspicion of a crime, but the President of Zimbabwe can walk around and talk a load of %$^^&*
with impunity.

  sunny staines 20:14 06 Jun 2008

cannot understand why RSA does not go in and sort it out.

most african countries refuse to get involved as they too are corrupt but to a lesser degree.

with no oil deposits that rules out a US/GB intervention like IRAQ/KUWAIT.

  The Brigadier 20:16 06 Jun 2008

Coup d'état.

  Legolas 20:18 06 Jun 2008

ulrich I am more than disgusted with what is gong on in Zimbabwe and I am sure I am not alone in feeling a sense of frustration at being helpless in the face of such evil as mugabe is perpetrating. Any real pressure that can be put on mugabe must come from the countries roundabout him especially South Africa, Simon Wiesenthal the Nazi concentration camp survivor who spent all his life bringing Nazi murderers to justice famously said "For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing." And it would appear that in the case of Zimbabwe good men are indeed doing nothing.

  Zak 20:19 06 Jun 2008

Should we not boycott Zimbabwe produce being sold in our supermarkets?

  The Brigadier 20:19 06 Jun 2008

RSA does not want to be seen fighting Blacks, Or fighting against blacks vs blacks.
It's very political & more to do with minerals etc.

You have opened up a mighty can of worms here.
I hope it does not get out of hand.

  Grey Goo 20:21 06 Jun 2008

You need the support of the Army for that, they appear to be still supporting Mugabe.
Did you know that Mugabe pronounced backwards sounde like "Ee bye gum"

  ulrich 20:36 06 Jun 2008

First of all I don't think I have opened a can of worms it's been open a long time.

Zak tell me what products and I wont buy them, but will that help the people?

  laurie53 20:41 06 Jun 2008

"Mugabe's support has collapsed in recent weeks."

If this were the case there would have been a take-over while he was out of the country, as has happened in the past to other dictatorial leaders.

The fact that he can confidently attend a conference in Europe shows how tightly he has the country sewn up.

  Zak 21:02 06 Jun 2008

Vegetables e.g.fine green beans

  ulrich 21:02 06 Jun 2008

laurie53 why doesn't any of his followers do anything when they see what he is doing to the country? There won't be anybody left alive soon.
I really don't understand why they allow it to happen as the idiot coul die any moment at his age.

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