You've heard of the paperless office.....

  VCR97 20:02 05 Oct 2005
Locked read about the bookless school!

click here

  Skills 21:13 05 Oct 2005

Its a good idea but im not quite sure how well it will do. I'd like to see it happen myself as I think computers are very helpful to people who have learning difficulties.

Just this week the boffins at MIT have shown off a $100 dollar laptop that has solid state memory for storage click here This is going along the right lines afforable robust and with more storage on them would be a good answer.

I've done a number of courses at college and nearly all the ones I've done that had anything to do with ICT had more paper involved than anything else go figure????

  wolfie3000 21:45 05 Oct 2005

you wait until they start hacking into the schools computer system and change there grades let alone the viruses they could spread.

  wiz-king 22:02 05 Oct 2005

for not doing homework-- my battery went flat!

  Chegs ® 22:37 05 Oct 2005

Not good enough for the machines in skills link,they are equiped with a cranking handle to prolong battery life. :-)

  wiz-king 06:01 06 Oct 2005

My mum sais ive got a e-note from the Docktor ..RSI

  josie mayhem 00:49 08 Oct 2005

I've just done one a E-leaner course via a tablet, all be it a lower qualification that I've already got!!!

But muggins had to do it, because I had to take serveral technophobic staff through it. I used to set it up in the staff room, and according to time, staff would dive in log on and complete a modual.

I never seen so many terrified faces when they were told what they were going to do!

And now all the care plans are going to be put onto computer, so that they can be accessed by head office, and guess who works right next to the duty office?

I'm changing my name in the next few weeks....

If the problems both the computer and the user create on the computers (and this includes software problems)that are in use now, my name is going to be really popular all for the wrong reasons HEeeelllllppp.....

You lot could have me logging on durning working hours begging for help....

  wolfie3000 01:28 08 Oct 2005

how will these kids learn to write properly?.

  Monoux 12:13 08 Oct 2005

Thought some schools were bookless already. Something to do with lack of proper funding. No wonder in some place kids are leaving school unable to read or write

  Forum Editor 12:47 08 Oct 2005

in my opinion, and that's what we should be spending our tax money on - helping children to leave school with the ability to read well and to express themselves in writing, as well as verbally. The general standard of spelling and grammatical expression is appalling - I sometimes visit schools and find many teachers who can't spell properly, or write a few sentences without grammatical errors.

It's all connected - if children aren't encouraged to read widely, and if the importance of communication skills isn't stressed at an early age they stand little or no chance of emerging from the system with a love of the English language, or the ability to use it properly.

I know that I'm ranting into a vacuum, educators don't seem to care about spelling and grammar so much, but believe me, we'll pay a heavy price for it.

  fitcher 13:14 08 Oct 2005

I suppose acrobat reader could be flashed on to a large screen in front of class .with the pages dropping down slowly ,or a laptop.. on each desk ..or just screens fitted to the folding lid ,with a dvd linked up to each ,a lot of colleges are begining to use wifi by lazer on the roofs ,,could send the disk books through those ..would be a cheap way ,,

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