Youv'e been chosen

  Legolas 20:08 29 Oct 2008

It makes me feel all nice and warm inside and it also makes me feel wanted.....what am I talking about? Simple all the dozens of emails I am currently getting telling me I have been "chosen"

To think out of all the millions of people on the planet I am the one singled out for this honour.

What have I been chosen for? The chance to win all sorts of things from camcorders to motor cars. Oh I wonder what I have done to deserve all this kindness and attention, it really is very humbling.

Obviously the god of spam has smiled upon me.

  lofty29 20:10 29 Oct 2008

those whom the gods would destroy they first spam to death

  laurie53 20:16 29 Oct 2008

I was regularly the only one in my street to be "chosen" by Readers' Digest long before spam ever existed!

  Condom 20:22 29 Oct 2008

If only the Wizard of Camelot would chose me to receive 6 little balls. I used to be chosen to receive all sorts of free prizes through my letterbox until I signed up for the Royal Mail's opt out. Now I feel so lonely.

  Legolas 20:25 29 Oct 2008

Ah I also remember these halcyon days unfortunately RD have long since taken me off their list. It hurt at first but I have got over it.

  Legolas 20:49 29 Oct 2008

I had a closer look at my "chosen" emails and noticed this "Our random generator has JUST selected your email address" so it looks like I was not personally selected as I first thought but it was just a quirk of fate, a purely random action in the great scheme of things.

It has rather taken the shine of it and allowed me to see these emails for what they really are....SPAM....

  ray7 20:58 29 Oct 2008

To be fair to RD, they have GUARANTEED that I will
'have a chance' of winning. Sounds great, but then I am guaranteed a chance of winning the Lottery also.

Do they think we are all stupid.

  cream. 21:35 29 Oct 2008

Oh you lucky person.

The only spam I get is from the corner shop. ;-( or should that be ;-)

  Condom 21:54 29 Oct 2008

Don't knock it. To some of us it was the first luxury we had to eat after the war. That and sugar on our National margarine sanwiches.

  GRIDD 22:58 29 Oct 2008

I enjoy spam (the food) quite a tasty treat, now and again. Spam Fritters from my wife's home town chipshop are delicious.

  Chegs ®™ 05:44 30 Oct 2008

Spam Fritters from my wife's home town chipshop are delicious.

I think this might be subjective.I had spam fritters once & liked them,but didnt dare tell the wife because anything I said I liked I got incessantly until I was heartily sickened by the sight of it.I was shopping with my partner recently & saw some fritters on sale so thinking back a few years I recalled I liked them and bought a packet.I sat down to eat my evening meal with real relish at the thought of spam fritters and was severely disappointed,they were revolting,tasteless and the batter was just a "cooking fat sponge" Even a dollop of tomato sauce didnt help & they went in the bin.

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