Youtube,the cogent network and other problems.

  wolfie3000 23:31 29 Aug 2007

For the past month or so iv noticed youtube has become unbearably slow for me and other friends,

Well from what iv found out so far its something to do with AOL and the Cogent network,

This raises a few questions,

Why has it only happened now?
Why is it reported that only AOL users will be affected when friends of mine have the same problems on Tiscali and BT?
Will this problem be addressed soon?
What other websites are affected?

And finally who else is affected by this?

I would really like to find out more about this problem and hopefully get some info from either AOL and/or Youtube.

  Jake_027 00:15 30 Aug 2007

I've noticed youtube becoming unbearable slow lately
Some videos are fine while others can take 15 minutes to load. Seems I'm not alone.

Am on an AOL silver connection. All other pages seem fine though, bit strange

  Stuartli 00:17 30 Aug 2007

YouTube is changing its layout (you can try out the new style pages) - perhaps that has something to do with it?

  Forum Editor 00:30 30 Aug 2007

YouTube is one of the scourges of the internet. The bandwidth it consumes is enormous, and on a crowded network we could all breathe a bit easier without such a giant bandwidth hog.

It's all about bandwidth. Imagine the biggest library on the planet - the library of the US Congress - and you'll be imagining the equivalent of about 20 terabytes of data. YouTube transfers approximately ten times that amount of data in a single day.

Something has to give.

  wolfie3000 00:40 30 Aug 2007

I understand your arguement FE but it doesnt answer the question as to why it only affects people on certain isp,s.

From what iv read the slow down only happens to AOL users, which i beleive use the cogent network,
But this cant be true as BT users and Tiscali users also have been affected.

As for being a scourge of the internet, well i think thats a little unfair, Youtube like many other video hosting sites are a great resource of information, whether game trailers or technical information,

granted there are alot of useless annoying videos on there but its the same with any video hosting site.

  Earthsea 00:51 30 Aug 2007

When the new digital fingerprinting to remove copyright material is introduced, that may decrease its popularity. Assuming it works, that is.

  Si_L 01:50 30 Aug 2007

Don't bash YouTube, it is one of the best internet sites out there, good for light-hearted humour or tutorials (lots of good computing ones on there) etc, with sports highlights, it is a great resource.

  Forum Editor 07:00 30 Aug 2007

"it is one of the best internet sites out there"

That's as matter of opinion, and I'll knock it if I want to. YouTube is a nightmare as far as bandwidth is concerned, and a copyright minefield. Don't confuse popularity with quality.

  PP321 08:11 30 Aug 2007

@ Wolfie

Ithink some ISP's are covertley "capping" access to high bandwidth websites such as youtube and torrent sites ect.


Youtube pays for its bandwidth and and if the ISP's cant keep up with it, then they should either not be an ISP , or put a clause in the contract saying certain high bandwidth websites may be subject to capping or speed restictions of some sort no?

It IS a website afterall, and we pay ISP's for web access.

Agreed about the copyright minefield though.

  rdave13 21:01 01 Sep 2007

I've noticed this slowdown in some video downloads from you tube. May be Google is trying something out. Videos with a url ending with something like "=related&search=" seem to download fine. Those with a url ending like something shortened by tinyurl, ie "pt-bf4A1OIq" take an age to download but only at times. Like these two links,
click here=

click here

Could be something to do with copyright problems that they're trying out? Just a wild guess..:)

  wolfie3000 21:05 01 Sep 2007

Both really slow for me,

5 minutes before any writing appeared let alone any video.

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