rdave13 01:59 06 Jun 2010

Disco autoplay. Listening to Kate Melua I noticed on top right hand side a 'disco' with 'auto play' available. Something new to me.
Getting to be like your own artists radio?
Good one Google.

  Quickbeam 08:42 06 Jun 2010

It's good for if you're learning to play something, you can just play your bit everytime it comes around.

  Quickbeam 08:47 06 Jun 2010

I'm working on this one 'til I get it right click here

Note the 'groovy rock chick'... yeah, I know that's an un-pc description ladies;)

  gengiscant 09:24 06 Jun 2010

Here is one for you click here

  rdave13 19:28 06 Jun 2010

Not available on the second link. Must be just for artists. Anyone know when this became available?
Handy feature for listening to other groups of similar type of music. Similar system as Pandora has but limited to a list.

  rdave13 20:29 06 Jun 2010

A very nice link. Handy if you want to learn to strum.

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