is yours the Most miserablest town in britain

  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:15 17 Dec 2006

I live in devon and have traveled around britain ie south to north except scotland and wales .I have noticed that when driving around most peolpe are curtious and genrally polite and especaily up north they are happy and rather go lucky, except BRAUNTON in devon. Beware or other drivers driving towards you and not giving way. Most people in the town always look grumpy and seem to get quite irrate fot no apparent reason, or it could be the weather as it never seems to shine there, dark and dismal like.Mind you I have heared that the kids there do like to have fun with a spray can.If my thread needs to be verified please got and see for your self but beware.Is it me or is there any more doomier and gloomier places around.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:50 17 Dec 2006

Gloucester without a doubt. You cannot see the Cathedral from within the city as all the views are blocked by offices and the whole city is nearly surrounded by one big housing estate. The planners (and I use the term loosely) have made a complete muck up of the town centre and there is a traffic scheme that beggars belief. For some peculiar reason shell suits seem to be a popular form of clothing.


  IClaudio 22:33 17 Dec 2006

Is Gloucester the town where the railway line bisects the town - and there are several traffic light junctions just close enough to the level crossings to cause complete chaos whenever a train comes through? Brilliant planning there... :roll:

  hijo 23:39 17 Dec 2006

please dont forget HULL,i was brought up in a village close to "Dull"(Hull)theres sooo many CHAVS its unbeliveable "staffies with chavs" nike airmax jog bottoms & a sports jacket must be the biggest lie going as majority of them have little or no intention of doing sports what a fashion they all have eh,i know its not just hull but i have worked all around the uk in 4/5 star hotels (Front of house)in many city's & hull does stand out from the rest of the city's in the uk,dont get me wrong HULL has some amazing places & for tourist's its got loadsa things to see but its just the Psycho sportspanters that do it for me,walking to work last week & 3 of them in front of me one of them spit on a car windscreen which the other 2 laughed at...mmm very funny idiots all there conversation was about was "Birds" Spliff's & getting smashed (AKA drunk)& hitting someone..."down & outers"..i hate em.Nuff said

  Totally-braindead 00:11 18 Dec 2006

My town is lovely, we have the usual sprinkle of scumbags of course but you get them anywhere. The majority of people are nice and polite and eager to help others. So my answer has to be no mine is not the most miserable town in Britain.

  Bingalau 11:16 18 Dec 2006

I've lived in all kinds of places in Britain and I agree with fourm member. All seem much of a muchness to me. Go through a place in the Lake district or on Dartmoor on a wet miserable day and they all seem dark and gloomy, but on a really nice day there are no places better. ..Bingalau..

  big bloke66 12:28 18 Dec 2006

I live in a place called Sittingbourne in kent.
If a nuke went off in the town centre, it would cause about 10 pounds worth of improvements :-).

  Kate B 12:55 18 Dec 2006

I live in London, which is a fantastic place to live.

  Chegs ®™ 13:13 18 Dec 2006

Whitehaven,Cumbria.Lovely georgian buildings in the town centre occupied by some of the most arrogant folks around(albeit,rated by the local newspaper as the friendliest)The planners are a joke,they served notice on a betting shop for having gold film on the windows even though their own offices were equipped with similar gold film on the windows.They are always ordering residents in the town to keep improvements "in character" yet have had a huge office block built thats so far out of character its an eyesore.Same for the modern Tax Office,built on the harbourside so its visible for miles,multi storey carpark(ugly brick built monstrosity)that was "decorated" with curved shiny stainless steel drilled plates over the exterior to "improve"? its appearance.Fortunately,we only have the one main road to access the town so it aint easy to get here and see it for yourselves.

  PurplePenny 13:43 18 Dec 2006

I've never come across a town as miserable as Bakewell. It was like something from The Twilight Zone! For instance we stopped to let oncoming pedestrians pass a van which was blocking the path. We didn't particularly expect to be thanked for our courtesy but we certainly didn't think that we deserved the scowls, frowns and grumbles that we actually got.

Later we were in a shop selling Bakewell puddings and asked why they were called puddings and not tarts. The shop assistant was very pleasant and smiled happily as she explained... until some locals came in and her face instantly turned to thunder and her voice became grumpy!

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:01 18 Dec 2006

oh well altho alot of people have different experiences in there own towns and cities I still believe that BRAUNTON is the most miserablest town in britian.
fourm member your Self fulfilling prophecy in my own opion is not right as the next town up the road is called barnstaple, such nice people always willing to give way even if I do first,Oh and good morning is normaly followed with a smile . I work in the transport industry and have a lot of contact with alot of people you wouldn`t believe the differnce in people just 7 mile apart from each other.

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