You're never too old ...

  VoG II 14:44 07 Aug 2004

click here

Jeepers, and I thought I was pretty ancient!

I wonder how long it will be before we find her in the Helproom ;o)

  Forum Editor 14:58 07 Aug 2004

she would like to teach my 87 year-old client. He's driven me nearly to distraction over the past two years - something he freely admits - and we still haven't mastered email attachments.

  spikeychris 15:02 07 Aug 2004

Shes but a wee girl. A tutor I know is teaching a Woman of 101 basic I.T. You are right are never to old.

  pj123 15:31 07 Aug 2004

I have 5 "pupils" over the age of 70 and all of them seem to be quick learners. They mostly like the internet more than trying to learn Word, Excel, Publisher etc... as they can talk (email) their friends, relatives whatever. They all seem to have the latest equipment, PC, TFT monitor, CD or DVD Rewriter, digital camera. I just hope when I retire I have that sort of money.

  stalion 15:54 07 Aug 2004

didn't she do well.You are never to old to learn,keeping an open mind is part of it and retaining enthusiasm for life.Regards

  cga 18:17 07 Aug 2004

This has done me a power of good. The best tonic I have had in ages!!

I now feel like a spring chicken at 58.

  stalion 19:07 07 Aug 2004

we are just youngsters lol

  Dan the Confused 20:08 07 Aug 2004

It just shows how much things have changed. When I used to come home from school, I would spend the rest of the day on my computer and my mum would get annoyed at me because she never had a chance to speak to me (this was about 20 years ago). I visited her recently, and she spent most of the day on her PC (using Word to print something for her art group) and I got annoyed with her for the same reason. Mind you, she is still only a mere 63.

I think it's great that computers have become so widely used by people of all ages, because when you think about it why should age make any difference?

  spuds 22:28 07 Aug 2004

Its surprising how many senior citizens are taking up the computer as a sociable pastime. I know of a block of small villages, all within a radius of 3 to 6 mile of each other. The county council introduced a computer scheme about three years ago [now discontinued, due to funding] for elderly people. Each person was supplied with a computer and internet connection on a twelve month loan basis, plus limited training was also given. It was surprising how many people later obtained their own computers, and still make daily contact with each other for an on-line chat. For some of these people, who are disabled in various forms and have very limited access to the outside world, it as been a great achievement.

  shizzy 22:29 08 Aug 2004

I connected our 79 year old neighbour to the internet and he now insists he can collect and read his emails without going online!

  stalion 22:39 08 Aug 2004


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