Your very own screen cleaner!

  gardener 16:53 01 Mar 2008
  Totally-braindead 17:23 01 Mar 2008

Ha, seen it before but the last one was a cat not a dog. Still made me smile though.

  Coffee Adict 20:54 01 Mar 2008

Loved the way he kept looking round, in case he got caught. Have to admit to being a bit of a Lolcats fan. The dogs one is quite funny as well, but dogs just cann't do that scornful look quite as well as a cat.

  Stuartli 21:10 01 Mar 2008

There's a rather more naughty equivalent from the not too distant past that I well recall...:-)

  sunny staines 21:34 01 Mar 2008

nice one

  rdave13 21:49 01 Mar 2008

I know the one you mean and I fell about laughing atit. Still it needed to be deleted by the golden mouse seeing it's a family orientated forum.

  Stuartli 00:12 02 Mar 2008

There has been no deletion, nor any need for one.

I didn't provide any link, but presume you have been confused by the comment from sunny staines.

  rdave13 00:17 02 Mar 2008

Ah. Just noticed that you stated 'from the not too distant past'. The one I was referring to must have been from a distant past.

  tonyx1302 10:48 02 Mar 2008

As a "cat oholic", has anyone got the cat screen cleaner as mentioned in Totally-braindead's post.I would like to see it if still avail.


  Stuartli 10:55 02 Mar 2008
  Cymro. 11:05 02 Mar 2008

So where do such things come from?
Who is it that goes to the trouble of thinking them up and then actually making them?.
Not that I mind, good clean fun etc.

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