Is your problem solved or not? A rant

  Jackcoms 12:49 09 Dec 2006

Am I the only Forum member who gets annoyed by what I can only describe as 'parked' threads?

A post is made and you post back with a possible solution. You then get more and more involved in trying to solve the original problem and posts go back and forth.

Suddenly the member who asked the original question has to go for his/her tea or to feed the cat or "just pop out", but promises to get back.

Several days later they are still feeding the bloody cat and you have no idea whether or not the original problem was solved.

Whilst ranting, I also get annoyed by threads which suddenly have a green tick appear but without any explanation of how/why/if the problem was solved or any acknowledgement of the time and effort put in by Forum members to solve that problem.


Rant over.

  Cymro. 13:06 09 Dec 2006

Yes quite a reasonable sort of rant I think.

  anskyber 13:10 09 Dec 2006

It does seem to happen quite regularly. I think it's probably one of those things we may just have to grin and put up with.

The most disappointing omission for me is the green tick without any explanation. Two reasons, the first is often from a range of answers we do not know which one did the trick and secondly others reading the thread have no idea of what worked.

People are what they are and I suspect much of it is forgetfulness mixed with the delight of having the problem solved. I am sure you will carry on, after all I might need your help one day!

  spuds 13:13 09 Dec 2006

This 'rant' as been aired on many occasions, and personally I think it is well justified. But human nature takes the form of all kinds, so in all possibilities this subject will continue throughout the New Year and beyond. Annoying and very down heartening as it is.

  JoE. 14:45 09 Dec 2006

Having a 'discussion' with the enquirer, everything seemed to be going well, then no more posts came from him. I tried to promt them into green-ticking it, but to no avail. Just makes me want to say 'Oi, are you there, or am I just wasting my time trying to pursue your blasted cause?'

I shall just "grin and put up with" it, too, I guess.

JoE :o)

  mymate 15:30 09 Dec 2006

I was thinking the same thing as you Jackcoms.I have been following a thread on here,and the guy has not come back to say its fixed.

  Colin 15:49 09 Dec 2006

Unfortunately, it's human nature. When they have a problem, it's the most important thing in the world to them, but when it's solved they are so relieved that courtesy goes out of the window. I found a set of keys, (house key, car key etc) in a Post Office and just as I was handing them in to a cashier, a woman came rushing shouting, "has anyone seen my keys?" As soon as she spotted me handing them over to the cashier she snatched them out of his hand and flounced off without a word!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:50 09 Dec 2006

Perhaps some do not get a fix at all and are too polite to say that the advice was not the solution to their problem. Or they may have just taken a sledghammer to the thing and gone out and bought a new one. Whatever, sadly it is unlikely to change.

  n4165si 16:55 09 Dec 2006

don't let it get to you ,in my book ,your all saints,without people like you there would be no forum,just put it down to the fact that they have got the fix and are now moving on to the next disaster in their eyes .

  octal 17:01 09 Dec 2006

That's life I'm afraid, now I'm off to feed the cat :-)

  Forum Editor 17:57 09 Dec 2006

a thousand times before - it certainly feels like it, anyway.

When you decide to offer help in a forum like this it's necessary to approach things with a certain attitude, otherwise you'll constantly be frustrated.

1. Don't expect to see a post from the thread's originator, teling you that your idea worked. If you do, you'll be disappointed as often as not.

2. Don't expect to be thanked.

Not everyone has the same set of values, and not all cultures include the 'thanks' ethic. Some people make the assumption that you're there to help, and that it's not necessary to offer thanks, or even to acknowledge the fact that something worked. They had a problem, it's solved, and off they go to carry on with their life.

Be prepared for no response, and be glad when you occasionally get one - practice that philosophy and you'll be a forum survivor.

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