your prev user names

  sunnystaines 09:51 21 Jun 2011

not sure if this has been posted before

whats your previous user names on PCA.

i started with either davidh or daveh but changed early on so that i have same username as i used on another forum.

will be interesting to see how many old regulars are still here under a new alias.

  johndrew 10:41 21 Jun 2011

Mine is the same as when I registered. If I changed it I would wonder who the other guy was :-0

  interzone55 14:43 21 Jun 2011

I'm fairly sure this is the same username as I signed up with 10.3 years ago, it's the first half of my first ever email address, which expired long ago...

  Crosstrainer2 14:50 21 Jun 2011

Only had well, three I guess crosstrainer ( a long time) vintage97 2 day's, and now crosstrainer2. If I had used my brain, I would have used crosstrainer2 upon my return!


  Toneman 18:12 21 Jun 2011

I used to be "pidder", a corruption of my proper name (there are a lot of us) but people kept putting an "l" in the middle...

  Forum Editor 18:30 21 Jun 2011

Please bear in mind

That lots of people who have changed their user-names may not want to disclose the fact for one reason or another. Sometimes it's best to let the past stay in the past.

  lucky1 18:56 21 Jun 2011

I've always been lucky1. Our old dog's name + 1!

  SparkyJack 20:33 22 Jun 2011

I am on my third

The first change came about when the ISP I was on shut up shop earlier this year. I attempted yto update my profile ,but I guess I got it wrong [ Was told 'user name already in use]- I know its me] and so had to register again to the new ISP, and blow me down within week it had gone titsup again - so third time lucky.

In a previous discussion on a topic like this - one of our stalwarts managed to show the previous two and the stats - though I have not managed to repeat the exercise

  • Though as FGE wrote - best to let sleeping dogs lay-- I guess

The only sad bit all those posts over last 10 years must tot up to quite a few.

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