Your personal website

  De Marcus™ 00:16 30 Jun 2007

Here's mine

click here

Perhaps this might cross some bridges with some people, i.e. understanding....

  De Marcus™ 00:24 30 Jun 2007

And if not post your site anyway, it'll always boost your google rank anyway............:-)

  Jimmy14 00:25 30 Jun 2007
  De Marcus™ 00:26 30 Jun 2007

Nice jimmy14, very posh.

  Blackhat 00:44 30 Jun 2007

I don't have my own, but built one for the wife.

Used free software from a PCA cover disc, hosted free by my ISP. Very basic but this is what you can do for no cost at all.

click here

  De Marcus™ 00:50 30 Jun 2007

Holy moly, 2000 dolls since 1999, that's a whole lotta dolls, where do you keep them all?

  Blackhat 00:54 30 Jun 2007

I think the pictures speak for themselves. I have a small house but a lot of shelves. The attic conversion housed a lot and the upstairs pics are one lost bedroom.

  De Marcus™ 00:59 30 Jun 2007

lol, yes they do and it's an interesting insight into your life which is the purpose of this thread, nice site blackhat...!

  wolfie3000 01:15 30 Jun 2007


click here


click here

  De Marcus™ 21:29 30 Jun 2007


  Ade_1 22:00 30 Jun 2007

Personal Website -
click here

I am actually looking into completely re-designing my personal website. I am a bit bored with the design and now that I have more time on my hands I can look into creating a better design. I was never entirely happy with the design in the first place anyway.

Blog -

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