Your NHS records to be available to your PC

  TOPCAT® 17:54 15 Mar 2007

it is announced, but only if you agree to it. A pilot scheme is to start with 14,000 people in Bolton being able to see their computerised records.

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I'm not convinced yet that it is such a good move, as my main concern is about the many security aspects of this proposed move. I also understand that many GPs are not in favour of it at all and will refuse to give out patient information. TC.

  Zero G 18:12 15 Mar 2007

You can opt out of this if you wish to, but it's not widely publicised.

  g0nvs 18:16 15 Mar 2007

I would hate to see my medical records.

  Stuartli 18:25 15 Mar 2007

New Labour and IT has proved a very unhappy combination in recent years - an expensive one as well.

  Forum Editor 18:33 15 Mar 2007

I'll know if I've been ill enough to consult my doctor, and I'll know what she did to fix it - why on earth would I need the record?

  sunny staines 19:01 15 Mar 2007

I have no problem with my medical records being on nat computer. If I get taken ill away from my home area the hosp can access all my records quickly which my save my life in an emergency. i have a some serious medical problems so have a greater interest than most people. this out weighs the risk of someone hacking my records.

  p;3 20:09 15 Mar 2007

this has been on the cards from some time now; main problem I suggest is the 'security' aspect

  johndrew 20:38 15 Mar 2007


When my GP chose to computerise our records, I found, by chance, at my next visit that certain `work` that had been done on me was in totally different decades to the actual time. Additionally there were other items, like my blood group, that were also different to those which I`d had for over 50 years.

Quite glad I looked over his shoulder. The consequences of trusting those inputs would have been more than exciting!!!!!

  mikef. 20:40 15 Mar 2007

Working for the NHS the main problem in my opinion is it will either not work or crash totally

  p;3 20:45 15 Mar 2007

other problem of course is as any computerite knows; the computer info's accuracy is dependent on the human inputting it..assuming the human lives in the UK and has English as their first language ( I jest not )

  €dstowe 22:23 15 Mar 2007

On the subject of medical records, on a routine visit to my local health centre the other day for my annual check up I was told by the nurse that I should really make an increased effort to stop smoking and then asked how the pain and stiffness was in my knee. For information, I have never smoked and never had anything wrong with my knees.

I then insisted on looking at the remainder of my records to see what else they had incorrect information about. There were some other minor things but worst, they had my date of birth wrong, making me ten years older than I actually am.

Yes, they have recently computerised their system!

Everyone has the right to see their medical records so, if your GP has recently changed the record keeping system to a computerised one, insist on checking it - especially if you have some serious condition. Your life could depend on it.

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