Is your graphics card a bit........

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:06 15 Jul 2010

too cheap, or a bit slow?

Dabs are offering this: click here

  rdave13 17:26 15 Jul 2010

I'll have two in crossfire mode......

  Armchair 17:39 15 Jul 2010

Is there an AGP version?

  Colin 19:06 15 Jul 2010

It's a bargain as it's 1p cheaper than Overclockers!

click here

  Colin 19:07 15 Jul 2010

Sorry - direct link: click here

  Uboat 19:23 15 Jul 2010

# MEM Clock: 4800MHz
# Core Clock: 1350MHz
# Memory size: 4GB GDDR5
omg!!!! :-0

  Chegs ®™ 14:18 19 Jul 2010

I've noticed that upgrading my graphics cards hasn't improved the actual display as my games are never the "all singing/dancing" variety,therefore I cannot justify purchasing a high-end card.I did buy the best card available (at that time) of AGP variety,and it still performs well with a game that my top-spec laptop cannot run(albeit the heat produced while playing caused the insulation on some wiring close-by to melt)

  Esc4p3 16:21 19 Jul 2010

My entire PC did not cost that much :D I would love one though...

  egapup 19:19 19 Jul 2010

Wait a couple of months and get it for fifty quid on ebay.

  gengiscant 10:56 20 Jul 2010

The Bugatti Veyron of graphics cards.Beautiful.

  AL47 11:36 20 Jul 2010

the ONLY time you could ever need something like that would be if you want highest setting graphics across 3+ 1920x1200 monitors..

it will also eat electricity lol

im happy with my modest £200 5850

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