Your First Car?

  NIGEY 18:32 12 Nov 2006

What was your first car and would you buy it again if you had the chance and drive it on todays roads? Taking it for granted it was your fisrt car a while ago? Mine was a Fiat Mirafiori which i loved i payed £150 for it i back in 1987, and it went everywhere used to take it to the coast every weekend with a couple of friends and slept in it awww the good old care free days! Yours?

  jimv7 18:58 12 Nov 2006

My first 'car' was an ancient reliant, taxed as a car because the floor had been replaced with 1"(25mm) marine ply and that put the 'car' over weight.

On taking it to the weighbridge which (very lucky for me) was operated by the chairman of the local reliant club, after allowing for the weight of petrol and oil in the car, and removing the seats, he managed to get the weight back down, was then taxed as a motorcycle/3 wheeler. 7cwt I believe was the deciding weight.

  NIGEY 19:01 12 Nov 2006

Couldn't you just buy a Marina or something ,would of been a lot less hassle me thinks!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:09 12 Nov 2006

Like so many in the 70s I started with a Mini.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:10 12 Nov 2006

70s should be 80s.

  sunny staines 19:14 12 Nov 2006

chrysler avenger was my first car, would not buy another, best car ever had was a nova gte from new when they first came out fantastic car would buy another if still marketed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:16 12 Nov 2006

Rover 3500 saloon in 1974 when I was 19. Auto with Aluminium boot and bonnet but suffered from rust on the front and rear wings. Due to the British car industry, in the 70s and 80s, employing a bunch of retarded baboons with no pride in their work it was the last British car that I bought for a long time.


  seedie 19:16 12 Nov 2006

Humber Sceptre 2.
Not a bad car; the reclining seats influenced my decision to buy it :)

When I was off road for a while I modified it a bit.

Neal davis racing stage 2 head, lightened flywheel,
hi lift camshaft and 28/36 DCD weber carb. It went like the dogs. It was good to be young or was it? nearly killed myself in the bloody thing.


  seedie 19:25 12 Nov 2006

as an aside If I saw my son behaving like me I'd ground him for 5 years :((

  NIGEY 19:34 12 Nov 2006

Lol I know ,i drove my mirafiori for weeks with a hole in the petrol tank and leaking back brake was only a very small rust hole may i add!! don't think i was driving leaving a trail of 4 star along the road!Wouldnt dream of it today!!!only have to hear a strange noise and im under the bonnet!

  The Brigadier 19:37 12 Nov 2006

Ford Escort MrkIII
Drove it for nearly 4 years until the engine blew up big time. It was slept in, courted in (the wife left a few years later)Used as a temp office for a while.

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