Is your firewall spying on you?

  ajm 11:50 23 Jan 2006
  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:04 23 Jan 2006

ISPs'a lready keep logs of all Internet traffic so a triple Meh! from me. The journo obviously has had a quiet news week. As I do not use a firewall this will not affect me anyway ;-))


  Chegs ®™ 12:29 23 Jan 2006

My firewall is internal to my router,not the nuicance ridden ZA.ISP's already monitor the ins-and-outs of my surfing(as G has pointed out)which was why I was given a "fair usage" warning via email,for my partners sisters d/l'ing thru my shared connection.

  johndrew 19:53 23 Jan 2006

All this and we are only a couple of score years and a bit above the novel that contained George Orwell`s predictions; well novelist forsight anyway!!!!

  SB23 20:14 23 Jan 2006

Have just had a look at the article in ajm's link, and sure enough in the firewall / Zone settings the address is listed as trusted, and is called "Loopback Adapter". I have removed it, just to see if it affects the running.If it doesn't then I will leave it alone, and deny access if it comes up again.

We'll have to wait and see.


  AndySD 20:31 23 Jan 2006

Its the Inquirer !!!!!!

What is is a loopback network connection.

This means that if you try to connect to, you are immediately looped back to your own machine.

If you telnet, ftp, etc... to, you are connected to your own machine.

In other words, is you.

For example, if your system was named "joker", and you attempted to telnet to, you would see:

# telnet


Connected to joker

Escape character is '^]'.

Convincing newbie's to connect to is an old joke on the Internet.

Another name for is localhost.

  ajm 20:58 23 Jan 2006

the entry should be "" if you read the article carefully.

  AndySD 21:04 23 Jan 2006

Its the local host for zonelabs to check for updates.

  SB23 11:05 24 Jan 2006

So, can I leave it then, or should I put it back as trusted. Is it really needed?

  AndySD 19:34 24 Jan 2006

Leave it if you are worried, but you may well find that you can't get updates.

  TOPCAT® 17:58 25 Jan 2006

ZoneLabs reply to the scare story. TC.

click here

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