Your fired .. just this once.

  wiz-king 11:18 30 Sep 2009

I did not have to ash you lot for help.

Last weekend I decided to resurrect my old PC so that I could have a working spare. So – having dusted it off I plugged it in and lo and behold it worked ... ... just.
Stage 1 was to remove all the junk programs, the plethora of printers and the anti this and that programs.
Stage 2 was a cleanup with CCleaner and a defrag which took about three hours.
Stage 3 was to update the system from Win98 to XP – much crossing of fingers!
Stage 4 was to install firewall and anti-virus from a disk
Stage 5 was to fire up the router to get the internet working – SNAG- no Ethernet port on PC Oops.
Stage 6 was a quick trip to the local shop to get a USB to Ethernet adapter -- return to stage 5
Stage 7 IT WORKS .......... now to install all the Microsoft updates including SP3 and IE8
So now I have a fast ( I am joking - Celeron III processor, 256kb ram & 40G HDD) PC connected to my fast (1Mb) broadband via telephone service.
All in a weekends work, all parts from my stock drawers except for the USB to Ethernet adapter.
So now I have a spare if my main PC goes phut or my cable connection goes down.

  dagnammit 11:37 30 Sep 2009

Well Done!

  Quickbeam 12:21 30 Sep 2009

But a bit like going to the trouble of rebuilding a Morris Marina as a working spare car. Yes, it'll work, but will you enjoy using it when you know how the modern stuff performs...?

  wiz-king 12:32 30 Sep 2009

I hope I don't have to use it - but I use my normal PC for work as well as marking essays sent from a uni in South Africa and for pleasure, so I (and others) would be very grumpy if I lost it for any length of time. Hence the spare.
PS With the 1Mb internet connection it's more like a Morris Minor, I have a 10Mb cable connection normally.

  jack 12:32 30 Sep 2009

Depends rather on its ultimate use.
If as most folk it Interenet, Ltters, simple graphics- a 110 year old 386 will do that.
The omst resource hungry machines are Games machines
If the users does not play game - most will bumble along quite happily.

I to have recently acquired a second machine- a CGI studio cast off-
I have dedicated it dedicated to graphics only and will never,ever get an Ethernet cable poked into it.

  jack 12:34 30 Sep 2009

It seems like my keyboard or system has developed a 'Stutter' or is it my twitchy fingers?.

  interzone55 14:38 30 Sep 2009

Interestingly my "spare" PC is much, much faster than my main PC.

My day to day machine is a Toshiba laptop purposely bought as I have a habit of tinkering, so I bought a laptop as they're tinkerproof.

But in the loft lurks a monster, a server with quad-core Opteron CPU, 8gb of RAM and SAS hard drives. It draws enough power to make the lights dim, so I only turn it on when I want to test my CCTV software...

  peter99co 16:54 30 Sep 2009

I have restored an XP tower that has only 256kb memory but it will not play a DVD even when I change settings. It does everything else though as long as it is one job at a time.

  BT 17:32 30 Sep 2009

I've recently done something similar with an old self build from several years ago.
It kept crashing as the tiny fan on the Northbridge chip kept packing up and overheating, and at £4.99 a time it was getting silly.
So a new Motherboard got it working again with Win2000 reinstalled and a new 17" flat screen monitor to replace the very old and fuzzy 15" CRT.
1GB of memory to replace the 2x256MB chips one of which I think is a bit iffy, and "She who must be obeyed" has claimed it to transfer her extensive Video Tape archive onto DVD.
Total cost about £125 and its running lovely, no more crashes and I might even put in another 1GB of memory to help with the Video processing.

  Chegs ®™ 00:14 01 Oct 2009

I gave up resurrecting old PC's for such as tinkering with linux or XP/98se as I simply hadnt the space for a 2nd keyboard/mouse/monitor alongside my main PC & laptop.I now have a "virtual PC" on the desktop for amusing myself tinkering with software & a partition on the laptop to load beta windows,XP,linux or tinker with apps,though I have noticed I'm hoarding old hard-drives(from 200Mbs to 250Gbs)and have over 30 drives stored(scattered)around the house. :)

  peter99co 11:31 01 Oct 2009

You need one of these.

click here

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