Your favourite guitar or musical instruments?

  spuds 12:47 14 Nov 2010

One for our guitar or other musical enthusiasts in our midst. What is your favourite guitar or musical instrument, one perhaps that you own,or owned, play or would treasure as a working instrument for leisure or more?.

Can cover any style or mode capable of performing anything from bass, blues, classical, rock etc etc.

  Brumas 13:03 14 Nov 2010

For me it must be the banjo, I like all kinds of styles and find the sound so unique.
I even bought a second hand one a long while ago with the view to learn but even with all the books and videos it was impossible for me to get anywhere.
I actually met Barney McKenna but that only showed me I was a musical failure so I sold it.

Whenever I hear the sound I kick myself for being such a musical tone deaf failure :o{{

  Forum Editor 13:33 14 Nov 2010

is going to be one I own:-

click here

Favourite accoustic - also in my small collection:-

click here;jsessionid=98yafzx0duf

  Forum Editor 13:45 14 Nov 2010

It's never too late. Buy a cheap ukulele, and fiddle around with that - it's the easiest of all stringed instruments, and once you feel you're getting somewhere you might move on to a banjo.

The important thing is to have fun and not compare yourself with better players, otherwise I would have given up the guitar years ago.

  Quickbeam 14:12 14 Nov 2010

A Tokai jazz bass.

I've been taking lessons since January and hoping to dare go to the local pub jam in the new year and casually announce that I can play a little bass:)

  Brumas 15:00 14 Nov 2010

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement but I really couldn't understand/grasp the whole musical ethos. Notes and keys, chords and tuning - the whole concept to me was like trying to learn Hebrew without a teacher from a book of 'strange squiggles'.

When I met my idol, it wasn't the comparison it was just the ease, natural mastery and talent displayed that brought it home to me! With the best will in the world and even private lessons from the maestro himself all would be to no avail. I console myself with the knowledge that I have heard the best and can continue to do so merely by listening to the many recordings I have in my collection.

  iambeavis 16:01 14 Nov 2010

My favourite guitar would have to be the single pick-up "Fender Esquire", as used by Jeff Beck during his time with the "Yardbirds". I've used one but never had the priviledge of ownership. I couldn't afford one then and I certainly can't afford one now - click here
I think even the "AC 30" to go with it is out of my reach.

  wolfie3000 16:40 14 Nov 2010

FE, when ever i see a guitar like that im reminded of the anime K-On.

click here

As for my favourite instrument, it has to be the oboe.
The sound is just pure ecstasy to my ears.

  amonra 16:53 14 Nov 2010

When we were young, my siblings and I would play on the linoleum !!!!!!!

  spuds 16:54 14 Nov 2010

A bit like you I suppose, but in my case I have a number of various musical instruments and basically rubbish with most of them. Lack of effort on my part, but plenty of support from many quarters.

Bert Weedon and Hofner guitars started me off, then we had the poor mans bass, a wooden box with string and wooden brush pole. Plus of course the washing board with Lonnie Donegan and Nancy Whiskey.

Might be worth a long read about Bert Weedon determination click here

  Forum Editor 16:58 14 Nov 2010

Some of the great guitar players learnt by fiddling around and listening to other musicians - many of them never had a lesson in their lives. Paul Mccartney can't read or write a note of music, yet he manages to play bass guitar fairly well.

I can't read music, and I'm certainly not a great guitarist, but I can hold my own in a jam session, and I have enormous fun with it. My music - mainly Delta blues - enables a player to cheat fairly convincingly.

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