Your Country needs you

  Grey Goo 09:52 09 Feb 2012

On one hand the good people of Britain are threatened with all sorts of sanctions if they do not live a healthy lifestyle. It seems however an unhealthy lifestyle suits the Treasury just fine. You can calculate your contributions using this handy app. I suspect most people already know how much the taxes are anyway.

mines a large one

  john bunyan 10:16 09 Feb 2012

The government has to get money from somewhere, and I see no reason why those of us who choose to use a lot of alcohol or cigarettes, both of which are unnecessary, should not make a significant contribution to tax. Thank goodness, so far, there is no "fat" tax; the fuel duty is bad enough for those who cannot avoid it.

  Quickbeam 10:53 09 Feb 2012

£624 worth of vice for me Vs £11,174 for an imaginary benefiteer.

Am I missing something here...?

  spuds 11:18 09 Feb 2012

I must be a total failure to society and the government.

I don't drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, but I do have a weekly flutter on the lottery, with the end results that it costs £208 per annum, with £24.96 from that going as duty + vat based on the calculator.

But putting that calculator aside, I wonder if my other 'taxes' cover my total failures?.

  HondaMan 11:34 09 Feb 2012

£1500 for me!

  Quickbeam 11:40 09 Feb 2012

You're surely living the life then!

  morddwyd 12:54 09 Feb 2012

If you're in Scotland it's not just an unhealthy lifestyle that is taxed, but your standard food and drink as well.

"Scotland introduces a "Tesco" tax "

I wonder how the "major retailers" will recoup this extra tax they're going to have to pay? Perhaps PCA will give an award for the most likely idea!

Having our own government is a wonderful thing.

  Kevscar1 14:48 09 Feb 2012

according to that my annual cigarette bill is £1752 of which the goverment takes £1712.22. At least Highwaymen wore masks so you knew what they were.

  Algerian peter 14:57 09 Feb 2012


that is funny.

£126 with £30.44 tax.

  Kevscar1 15:15 09 Feb 2012

put in 20 a day at 4.80 a packet

  badgery 16:12 09 Feb 2012


I'm sure I've read that smokers and drinkers cost us all more in terms of the NHS and police & ambulance services due to their 'habit'?

Perhaps it's them that are the Highwaymen, robbing the rest of us?

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