Your are reading this on a Sunny Sunday -Why?

  jack 10:56 05 Sep 2004

Its Sunday. Its bright sunny and hot. Yet here I am in this sweat box talking to you lot
What is my excuse?
Because I live in a a box sided by the M25 River Crossing,The A2 to/from London and the coast and all approaches from the west to Blue Water - everybugger is out there trying to get omewhere, Me? I'll stick.
And there you are in a sweat box reading this -What's your excuse?

  spikeychris 11:07 05 Sep 2004

"Its bright sunny and hot" No it ain't, its damp and raining up here.

  only me 11:09 05 Sep 2004

I am in computer room which is air conditioned and lovely and cool

  bvw in bristol 11:16 05 Sep 2004

It's 25 degrees here, clear blue sky.....and I don't tee off until 2pm today :)

  Diemmess 12:15 05 Sep 2004

Can just spare the time it takes to post this.........

  Dorsai 12:26 05 Sep 2004

It's too hot here to do anything cept sit down and type. I would prefer a good book, but i finished the last one wedneday, and haven't got round to getting another.

Plus i am off down the pub at 2 to meet a mate. so I am passing the time here.

  CurlyWhirly 13:31 05 Sep 2004

I suffer from hayfever but it is subsiding now as we are nearly in Autumn.
Also I don't like too much sun as I prefer the cool weather after falling asleep at the beach when I was a kid and nearly getting sunstroke!

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