Your advice needed Please.

  last starfighter 23:39 06 Mar 2009

On the 28Th of last month i bidded for Vista Ultimate on Ebay, the seller has 313 transactions & there ALL 100% posative, However i won the disc which was the Full OS & the Retail with the 32 & 64 Bit versions for £125 inc del brand new, but im not sure about the seller cause he told me he cant get the disc untill the end of the week? i thought he had it there ..?

i have more than been paticent with him & ive emailed him & emailed him & had VERY little reply, im not sure about the two replies ive had of him cause the wording is VERY weird & doesnt anser my question fully, i emailed him again last night & had no reply & again a hour ago & still no reply, ok he might be out its friday night but ive been waiting for this disc sometime..? & had a very shoddy communication, ALSO whats worth pointing out is the fact when i looked at the ad it stated in bold he will NOT be giving any feedback until he gets he's from the buyer..?

Your oppinions please...

  last starfighter 23:40 06 Mar 2009

sorry bout the spelling its the keyboard..batteries need changing

  Kev.Ifty 23:53 06 Mar 2009

Did you pay with PayPal? If so report the seller and get your money back!


  last starfighter 00:08 07 Mar 2009

yeah i did pay with pp..thanks

  laurie53 06:59 07 Mar 2009

"will NOT be giving any feedback until he gets he's from the buyer..?"

I think you'll find that e-bay have now outlawed this practice.

This sounds a very dodgy transaction.

I wouldn't have had your patience.

  last starfighter 09:40 07 Mar 2009

laurie53 to be honest ive had this reply from him lastnight saying this "Hi i dont no what hell is going on here he said that he sent them but ive had nothing im realy sry abt this it not fair on you if you dont want to wait ill issue you a refund its no problem at all? ill get on to the phone in the morning to what is up he neva let me down before
sorry regards"

Il give him untill later today then demand a refund...

  donki 14:41 07 Mar 2009

Did it state on the auction page when he would dispatch?

  last starfighter 18:05 07 Mar 2009

donki he said 4 days,then he come up with the "My supplyer has let me down".? Mmm

  donki 18:54 07 Mar 2009

I can see why you are panicing but he does seem to still replying and also he has offered a refund, depends if you want to wait for the product. A dispute is easily opened on PayPal.

  last starfighter 21:16 07 Mar 2009

Its all over he has said he's sorry & half paid me back (PAYPAL)so im still waiting for some £75...anyway thankx guys/gals for your help!!

  Kevscar1 00:03 08 Mar 2009

I hope you haven't accepted it. Thats an old trick once you accept it in your paypal account he can says he's done the refund and it will show he has.

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