The Young Ones

  natdoor 20:03 16 Sep 2010

I am somewhat surprised that, given the details given by some members of their unfortunate disabilities and the clear evidence from others that their mental faculties have receded, there has been no thread started about the programme.

If you have watched, do you think that the apparent benefits are genuine and significant? I believe that one has to sceptical about reality TV but with the involvement of Dr. Mosley it surely must be absolutely genuine. And, for those to whom it might be directly relevant, has it encouraged you to take a younger outlook on life and to try to be more active, menatally and physically?

  Forum Editor 20:34 16 Sep 2010

To a lot of people 'The Young Ones' means a TV sitcom from the early 1980's.

The programme you're referring to is one of those things that irritates me. The concept is a good one - put a collection of ageing people in a house that has been made to look as it was when they were a lot younger, rig up their rooms as if they were in their old bedrooms way back when, and see how they respond to travelling back in time.

It's an experiment that has been done before, and the results were interesting - the people were noticeably rejuvenated in many ways, both mentally and physically.

What irritates me is that a TV company feels we wouldn't understand,or be interested if it used ordinary people, so they shove a bunch of ex-celebrities together, and hope we'll be entertained by it all.

  lotvic 21:02 16 Sep 2010

I watched it, I thought the participants just enjoyed re-living past times for a week and each others company - like a self catering holiday.
Felt a bit sad for them, as back in their respective homes etc I had the feeling they would now become even more depressed than before.
I even thought, they should all get a house/bungalow together to live in and hire help in as necessary.

  peter99co 22:23 16 Sep 2010

I was impressed and it came across that you are as young as you feel. You need to put something in to get most out of life. If you sit about you age very quickly. Helping yourself where you can is a reality. Letting someone else do it for you can hold you back it seems.

  morddwyd 07:51 17 Sep 2010

Ye Gods!

The last thing I would want to stimulate my physical and mental well being is being locked up with a bunch of people living in the past!

I know that along with the likes of Bingalau, Brumas et al I often have a take on times past, but that's a bit different from trying to relive it.

  Brumas 09:06 17 Sep 2010

I suppose we could all rub along for a couple of hours but we couldn't have old Bingalau in the same room - he's an ex-bootie, he is always ‘ swinging the lamp’ and he isn't even house trained!!! ;o}}

  Pine Man 09:09 17 Sep 2010

'To a lot of people 'The Young Ones' means a TV sitcom from the early 1980's.'

The first thing that popped into my head was.......Cliff Richard -sorry;-)

  natdoor 13:02 17 Sep 2010

Choosing ex-celebrities means that the viewer is likely to be aware of their achievements and lifestyle in their younger years. Withordinary members of the public,alot of effort would initially go into "getting to know them", which would detract somewhat from the objective.

I had hoped that there would be some responses in which individuals recognised that a change in mental outlook could result in an enhanced quality of life, however small, in their own case and had been inspired to make an effort. I suspect that this is true for nearly all of us.

I note that, in your case for example, your thread concerning proms with your TV and video recorder set-up has not been resolved. There are several possibilities.

1. You have resolved the problem but have overlooked providing feed back. In this case I suggest exercises to improve the memory.

2. The problem has been resolved by another person but you are reluctant, having spent some time unsuccessfully to sort it out yourself, to admit this for fear of being labelled incompetent and are too honest to claim that you did it yourself. In this case I would suggest that you give some thought to the direction of signl flow between the relevant pieces of equipment and the switching arrangements necessary for each function.

3. As for 2 but you have not had a chance to attempt to solve the issue due to work commitments yourself. The suggestions at 1 and 2 both apply. In addition you need to give some thought to your workload.

4. The problem is not resolved due to lack of time. I imagine that your wife is highly stressed by now. I suggest that you take her to the opera and to dinner at a fine restaurant.All other suggestions given above apply.

5. The problem is not resolved despite further attempts to sort it out. Your wife is probably considering divorce. All previous suggestions apply but make that two trips to the opera and a week in Florida.

(With apologies to Dr. Gerry Mander).

  Forum Editor 00:43 20 Sep 2010

I've been travelling - on business mainly, and haven't had time.

  Bingalau 12:28 20 Sep 2010

Brumas, you old dog! I bet you thought I wouldn't even read this thread as it mentioned "The Young Ones". Well I have read it and even though I haven't seen the program, I know what it is about. I bet that young Macscouse put you up to making derogatory remarks about me and my bad habits. I can assure you that I only dribble after I have had a surfeit of rum and Ginger beer. Depending on how much I might even dribble from both ends, especially if I can't hold my chin up high enough to stop the overflow. So providing the room has a bar and a toilet I think I could suffer your presence for a couple of hours. (After your first sarcastic remarks in the presence of myself, you would be in a coma for the rest of the time anyway). By the way I think natdoor is obviously referring to you and my other pal Macscouse, in his very first paragraph.
Love to Fran x x x (I bet she's on my side)

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