Young German offenders get the Siberian treatment

  TopCat® 13:07 07 Jun 2010

It's no holiday camp either as they are expected to work hard to earn their keep. click here

Perhaps something of a similar nature would teach our young and persistent delinquents a hard lesson or two in good citizenship. What's your opinion on this? TC.

  peter99co 15:49 07 Jun 2010

What a brilliant idea. I would think many of us would drive the buses to the docks if asked.

  Quickbeam 16:59 07 Jun 2010

We wouldn't dare to do that... human rights an' all that... but I'd drive the bus;)

  rickf 18:11 07 Jun 2010

Good idea, brilliant in fact.

  spuds 18:52 07 Jun 2010

Don't we already have it?

Its called 'Working in the Community'. Cold in the winter, warm in the summer ;o)

  egapup 18:57 07 Jun 2010

Good idea.

  Colin 18:58 07 Jun 2010

At least he gets to handle beaver!

But seriously, it wouldn't do any harm to the dead eyed, knuckle dragging zombies who congregate outside a local pizza take away that I have to drive past on the way home from work, who seem to think that walking across the road and back without looking is fun?

  morddwyd 19:53 07 Jun 2010

Cruel and unusual punishment.

Not permitted under HR legislation (and probably health & safety as well!).

  Chegs ®™ 15:24 08 Jun 2010

I think it is a more preferable punishment to locking them up as our prisons have become a "school for criminality" The Detention Centres we used to run were way more successful as a deterrent to re-offending than any of the other type of prisons.

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