young drivers death rates

  User-994545 21:30 08 Mar 2009

another muti- death road collision this weekend.4 under 25s ,when will the law change to restrict young inexperienced driver from carrying other youngsters without an adult present.
in various countries they restrict youngsters from carrying their friend around without supervision.
and some wont let them drive at darkness.i know from personal experience.when you are an adolescence,you haven't got your life under control ,and are liable to kill yourself.before you begin

  MAT ALAN 21:49 08 Mar 2009

click here

should be doing the same here, similar in New Zealand as well...

  Forum Editor 22:42 08 Mar 2009

for an 18 year old to fight for his or her country, vote in an election, and even stand as a parliamentary candidate at a General Election, but it's not OK for the same person to drive after dark, or carry his or friends without 'an adult' present - is that what you're saying?

An 18 year old is an adult, so I don't see the problem. If, on the other hand you had suggested that newly-qualified drivers should be compelled to display a probationary driver badge on the vehicle for 12 months I might agree with you.

  bluto1 22:51 08 Mar 2009

I'm so sorry about this but every one involved was an adult.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 23:06 08 Mar 2009

Why should I (or anyone else my age) pay for others mistakes? I already pay £750 a year for insurance and that's with a no claim discount!

  Jim Thing 23:56 08 Mar 2009

"If, on the other hand you had suggested that newly-qualified drivers should be compelled to display a probationary driver badge on the vehicle for 12 months I might agree with you."

Here in N. Ireland newly-qualified drivers must display 'R' plates on their vehicle — I don't know for how long but perhaps someone more knowledgeable will tell us. If I understand it correctly, vehicles carrying 'R' plates are subject to a maximum speed restriction, and conviction for a driving offence means reverting to one's provisional licence.

Sadly the province still has a quite dreadful record as far as fatal road accidents involving young drivers are concerned.

  Si_L 23:57 08 Mar 2009

I agree that something needs to be done about the situation with new drivers, though to not let them carry passengers or drive at night is the wrong idea. A restriction of engine size, or rev limiting, or as FE says, a badge would be better.

Fact is though that crashes happen all the time, to people of all age groups. It is true that out of these ages groups most occur in the 17-25 group, but every single time someone from this group crashes, the same comments keep coming up, ie: too young, no experience, etc. It doesn't apply to every crash but fair enough. But to say that adolescences don't have their life under control is taking it a step to far don't you think? Its not fair to generalise all these people as poor drivers, after all they have all passed their test, which is a very comprehensive examination of driving skills. Not sure even how to respond to the "liable to kill yourself.before you begin" comment.

  Si_L 23:58 08 Mar 2009

The R plate has to been shown for a minimum of 1 year.

  Stuartli 00:04 09 Mar 2009

You don't state your age nor why you are paying such a high premium.

My comprehensive car insurance costs around £155 with Zurich (I'm retired and do about 600-700 miles a month).

  cycoze 00:29 09 Mar 2009

I drove a small car with P plates on it last week through a 50mph limit at 50mph, the large white commercial van behind decided I was going to slow and drove a few feet away from me flashing his lights while indicating to overtake, most unnerving ! imagine what it would be like for the newly passed driver.

  Chegs ®™ 01:03 09 Mar 2009

Back in 1978,the government imposed a design limit of 30mph for mopeds and a 12BHP limit for unqualified motorcyclists.Why not impose similar restrictions on newly qualified car drivers?

Another idea would be for newly qualified drivers be restricted to "safe" A roads or limited to 30mph on rural routes.

The Courts are taking their own iniative and a high proportion of newly qualified drivers are being ordered to retake their driving tests as well as given points on their licences.(least thats what appears to be happening here because the court reports in the local paper state so)

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