Young Driver car insurance

  wids001 08:09 14 Jul 2010

My son, 17, has just passed his test. I checked the comparison websites for insurance quotes and the cheapest was at £3070.00 (TPFT). He aleady has a car which he owns and will be the main driver. This info was given to the insurance company.

My wife phoned them and managed to get this down to £2400.00 for 10 months insurance afterwhich he may get 1 years no claims discount.

However, she then asked if it would be cheaper if she was put on as a 2nd named driver on his insurance(she owns a car). The price came down to £1900.00! Then she asked if I went on there as a third named driver what it would be(I am a named driver on my wifes policy but have no insurance of my own, driving a company supplied van to and from work). I was amazed that this further reduced the insurance down to £1770.00 - a saving of £1300.00 on the original on-line quote.

My question is, are there any implications to my wifes insurance(which is with another company) should my son have an accident. Also, although down as named drivers neither my wife nor I will ever drive the car.

  MAT ALAN 08:39 14 Jul 2010

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info here...

  Quickbeam 09:07 14 Jul 2010

There is one insurance company advertising that a named driver can accumulate a no claims bonus.

I can't for the life of me remember which one as it wasn't of any interest to me other than hearing the ad, but it is one of the major insurers.

  Quickbeam 09:20 14 Jul 2010

click here But you would still have to use the car yourself for it to be legal.

  john 52 09:45 14 Jul 2010

Has your son considered doing a pass plus course which would give him extra NCD on his insurance !!
I am not suggesting that you would do this but fronting by a parent on car insurance policy would lead to a claim to be rejected and insurance companies are coming down on this !!
If your son is registered as the owner of the vehicle and registered as the main policy holder and driver the fact that you may not drive the car very often should not be a problem .
I think with insurance it always pays to be completely upfront and make sure anything is in writing as sometimes you are depending on the customer service agent to enter the facts correctly !!
The NCD on your sons policy will have not affect on your own policy

  wids001 09:59 14 Jul 2010


Thanks for the info. We have been completely upfront with the insurance and have our son down as the main driver - He is the owner of the vehicle and the policy holder. However, when the policy arrives I will (as I always do) check that everything is okay.

It really does amaze me how, by adding the names of 2 people in their 50's can reduce this insurance by so much. Having said that, I remember my wife asking about this for another of our sons, who was trying to insure a van for work. The premium on this from e-van would have increased had she added her name!

It certainly does pay to shop around.

  skeletal 10:09 14 Jul 2010

Car insurance, for me, has always been a nonsense. Consider:

1. A friend who was a journalist had to pay a much higher premium than her partner (the same driving experience, age, address, zero points, mileage etc etc). The reason, so she was told, is that “working in the entertainment industry” may mean you give a lift to a famous person who could claim huge damages if you caused an accident;
2. My insurance, for ages, was about £450 so I kept renewing with the same company. Over the time I had the car, I was slowly getting older, and the value of the car kept dropping. It came to renewal and I got a quote for over £900 i.e. double. Absolutely no change in circumstances other than those that would normally cause a drop in price. I changed company and got it back to £450.
3. When my son started driving (a few years ago) they wanted £2000 for TPFT for a car value £100 that would never be driven (we had the bright idea of buying a banger and keeping it, undriven, for a year to get him one year’s NCB).
4. I always check whether to add, or not, my wife to my insurance. She would never drive my car. I sometimes get about £50 off if she is added, sometimes nothing at all. It is the same when we insure my wife’s car, and adding me. It is always checking this.
5. I used to drive several vehicles so approached the broker asking if we could do a deal for multiple insurance based on the logic that it is impossible to have an accident in car A, if I’m driving car B. Insurance companies do not understand this logic (we have already established from point 3, that the main cost of insurance is not the fear of damage or theft, so it has to be accidents, which you can’t have if it is impossible to drive the car).

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many more, but the moral of the story is that it is always worth asking if xyz will reduce the premium…no matter how stupid or illogical, it might!


  MAT ALAN 11:30 14 Jul 2010

I was told once my premium had gone up (considering every year the value of your car goes DOWN) because of the "post code" that i lived in.
I would clearly like to "name and shame" this company but i will not...

Some will say that if you live within some of the Manchester (as an example) post codes your car is more likely to get nicked than others, SO i politely told them that if was not going to be treated a human being rather than a number to cancel my renewal and i will go elsewhere.

All these insurance company's probably do the same but by the time you have shopped around for a deal online you have saved yaself a few quid...

for the record i do not live in manchester...

  Noldi 11:42 14 Jul 2010

My Wife and Myself are both named drivers on our offspring’s ins. it brings the price down and means I don’t have to pick them up from the pub in my nice new car. I can do it in a 10 year old fiesta.

Direct line and I think Tesco both do named drivers no claims bonus amongst others.


  spuds 12:49 14 Jul 2010

Admiral Insurance seem to advertise a lot on television and in the newspapers about having a special car insurance policy, for all members of the same household and extra vehicles.

Over the past twelve months, quite a number of insurance companies have revised their terms in respect of the younger and first time driver. Where I live, there are a number of 'super tuned' cars being used by young drivers, and I can only assume that the cars are not insured correctly. Time no doubt will tell!.

  john 52 14:00 14 Jul 2010

You can check if a car has insurance for free on the site below

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