You wish you had measured it first.

  Blackhat 13:32 07 Apr 2011

Have you ever bought something online or from a shop only to find out that a few moments to check sizes would have saved a lot of hassle or returns?

I have just bought a like for like Ford Transit long wheelbase flatbed truck. Old one finally gave up the ghost after ¼ million miles in 10 years, I checked the length of the bed and it was the same, what I didn’t check was the width. It is 6 inches wider!

My delivery driver backs the truck into my factory for overnight storage; it was always a tight fit. We now have about ½ inch clearance each side and it has to be backed in from a right angle as the roller shutter is on the side of the factory in a narrow space.

What used to take 30 seconds now involves 2 spotters about a 40 point turn and around 20 minutes. That’s 1 man hour per day lost.
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  wiz-king 13:34 07 Apr 2011

You got more for your money - stop complaining *grin*

  interzone55 14:04 07 Apr 2011

Not bought, but sold.

Last month we sold a sofa to a friend, we measured it in all directions, and the friend checked at their end and it would all fit nicely.

So we loaded the sofa into a van and drove from Lancaster to Bradford, arriving quite late at night as their house was very close to the middle of nowhere.

Take both halves of the sofa out of the van and proceed to try to squeeze it though the door. What they'd not done is take into account that the front door doesn't open fully, and it's at a funny angle to the garden wall.

Rather than drive back home with the sofas we decided to take the door off its hinges and try that way, this wasn't easy as the door had been fitted sometime during Queen Victoria's reign, but after an hour or so of pushing, shoving and scraped knuckles we got the sofa in the house...

  spuds 14:36 07 Apr 2011

Perhaps its better to have the vehicle 6 inches wider, then finding the capacity doesn't meet modern day standards.

I have a friend who use to own a company that made specialist 'burners-cookers-grills' for take-aways and restaurants. It was always the policy of the company to take all measurements and check out the sites, because most items were bespoke and built individually for the client and the premises.

One day, two of the installers arrived at a Chinese take-away, and stated that no-way could they get the units into the kitchen area. A long story, but apparently when the surveyor went to take details, the owner of the property had forgotten to mention that he was also having a new front to the building and different access arrangements to the rear of the property. Two double doors previously on the old shop front, were now a single much smaller door. Access to the rear was now virtually impossible!.

A few modifications to the burner units with a work through the night, and the special opening ceremony day was saved.

  Forum Editor 17:57 07 Apr 2011

make the space a little wider?

  Blackhat 18:09 07 Apr 2011

Not possible, I rent the units and the landlord wont allow structural changes just to fit my wagon in quicker, however I think your comment was also tongue in cheek???

  Dragon_Heart 01:57 08 Apr 2011

My Dad used to make & deliver sofa's etc.

I went with him one day. We were to collect the old and replace with the new.

The problem was between the sales guy's visit and our delivery the owners had had a new porch built. The new sofa would just fit in but we had to get a chainsaw to the old one to get it out. The lady of the house was in tears despite the fact the old sofa was going to the tip !

Like joiners say " measure twice cut once "

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