Is you wheelie bin bugged!

  johndere 09:32 27 Aug 2006

An article in todays Sunday Mail says local councils will use this method to check how much waste you make!

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  citadel 09:47 27 Aug 2006

people will just dump their rubbish anywhere to keep their bin low.

  €dstowe 09:53 27 Aug 2006

Are bin locks going to be issued as well as bugs to prevent people putting their rubbish in your bin?

As usual, half baked unworkable ideas put through by highly paid "think tanks" who really should know better.

  €dstowe 10:06 27 Aug 2006

Don't forget, though, that this is a report in a Sunday paper - from the Mail stable to boot. Both of these could indicate some sparing of the actualité.

  anskyber 10:21 27 Aug 2006

Yes this does happen, its all part of the wider rcycling debate.

  anskyber 10:23 27 Aug 2006

More on the reasons why. click here

  g0slp 10:27 27 Aug 2006

Quite so. However, the old saying "There's no smoke without fire" does come to mind.

Remember, if there's a way to impose a charge, it'll be found :(

I can't help but think that this will encourage yet more fly-tipping, be it in other folks' bins or in the streets.

Personally, I believe that councils already get plenty of our hard-earned cash to deal with refuse collecting. The system that we have in Durham should work well; a green wheelie bin for garden waste, a box (or more if necessary) for recyclable items (cans, paper, glass) and a grey wheelie bin for everything else. The only problem at present is the recycling box - if it's windy on collection day stuff can get blown everywhere, including the box when empty!

  Forum Editor 10:32 27 Aug 2006

is almost the worst in Europe - we're lazy when it comes to recycling - and something needs to be done to improve things.

I have no doubt that many people find a million reasons why they shouldn't take any action to recycle their waste, but we have to do it. If we won't do it voluntarily then we'll need to be compelled.

  ulrich 11:00 27 Aug 2006

I noticed some wasps in my bin this morning is this anything to do with it?

  johndere 11:12 27 Aug 2006

A few years ago where one of my sister's used to live in the London Borough of Sutton it used to pride itself on being the Greenest borough in London, that was until recently it was found that their figures had been wrong for 5 years!

  freaky 12:12 27 Aug 2006

We are issued with two wheelie's.... an orange lidded one for garden waste, and blue lidded for household waste. Collections are every two weeks.

A few weeks ago I cut the grass and put it in the orange bin. A few days later I opened the bin and noticed the grass was starting to smoulder.....spontaneous combustion!

I now leave the lid open (unless it's raining) in order to let any heat escape....and keep the bin away from direct sunlight.

I am considering drilling some small ventilation holes at the lower end/underneath of the bin.

Anybody got any suggestions?

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