You shouldn't believe things that are true...

  Z1100 22:49 04 Dec 2006

Because I watched that Tom Hanks movie about 'him' living in the airport and I thought that's a good story. Now on Telly I have just seen a program that said there IS a man living in Charles De Gaul Airport and he has been since 1988.

Apparently he has been able to leave since 1999 but he has some objection to being listed as an Iraqi, I think, no matter, the fact remains he has been living there since 1988!

I am gobsmacked! Oh, the locals call him Alfred.


  Forum Editor 23:15 04 Dec 2006

and the Tom Hanks film is based on his story.

Steven Spielberg bought the film rights to Nasseri's story and in doing so made him rich, but when I last went through the airport ( a while back) he was still there, sleeping on a bench when I went in and reading a book on the same bench when I went out, three days later.

He was originally booked to fly into Heathrow, but just after he had checked and gone to the airside he discovered that he had lost his boarding pass and entry visa. France refused to let him back in and the airline wouldn't let him board, so he instantly became stateless.

I don't know if he's still there - I believe Belgium offered him entry, and subsequently France relented, and said he could re-enter, but I think he was institutionalised by then - he wouldn't leave.

  Bingalau 23:39 04 Dec 2006

He's probably living free, getting all sorts of hand outs etc. It's a wonder he hasn't been joined by a whole gang of them, with relatives of course. ..Bingalau..

  spuds 11:11 05 Dec 2006

Steven Spielberg did indeed make a film of this man. But around the world, there are other people doing similar acts, who have been left in a situation of statelessness, because their country of birth no longer recognises or wants them.

Not far from where I live, is a 'tramp' who settled in the area about 10/12 years ago in a chosen certain spot. Local people give him food, clothing and a bit of cheer on occasions. He's quite contented in his mode of life, doesn't regard himself as homeless, not a bit of bother to anyone, and he is now perhaps classed as one of the eccentrics of life.

  Cymro. 11:19 05 Dec 2006

It seems that this one again is going to turn in to one of those "left wing right wing" debates.

  rodriguez 11:29 05 Dec 2006

There was one who lived on the Wolverhampton ring road and you just about see his tent in the bushes. I don't know if he's still there though, but he was there for years.

  Z1100 12:34 05 Dec 2006

I just cannot get my head round someone even wanting to live in the airport never mind the logistics of it all. What about ablutions, I never seen a bath or shower in any airport but then maybe I am used to them and could do without if needs must. All the same I don't know whether to admire, feel sorry for him or say it is his own fault.

I know it is true, but you know how it gets when the truth is incredible...


  Watchful 12:42 05 Dec 2006

always has been stranger than fiction.

  Colin 12:58 05 Dec 2006

Heathrow airport suffers from the problem of homeless people using the airport to live in. As for showers, they are available to the public, but they cost. However, I have often seen people getting a full wash in the toilets in an airport and also at motorway service stations. I agree that it's strange, but, as Watchful posted, truth is stranger than fiction.

  medicine hat 13:29 05 Dec 2006
  Z1100 14:38 05 Dec 2006

What can I say. The www is all things to everyone. I would never have thought wiki would have that. My mind is being stretched more and more as this thread expands!


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