you now have to pay for help on virgin media !!

  GEEKSTA 00:18 20 Jan 2008

Once apon a time, we could just dial 150 from our virgin landlines and get through to a helpline to get a problem sorted for free.

But now i think Branson has finally realised that he is probaly making a loss with his helplines and he is now going to charge us for help!!

I cant believe it now!
Something like 35pence!

  SANTOS7 00:28 20 Jan 2008

Just cancelled my virgin account, so he won't be getting any more of my money....

  jakimo 00:40 20 Jan 2008

Virgin have been charging for helpline calls since last July

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:43 20 Jan 2008

If the cost of 35p worries you then could I suggest that you change your job.


  SANTOS7 00:44 20 Jan 2008

Didn't know that either, never had to phone them in the 3 years i been with them, moving on to a SKY package, same speed for 13quid a month less...

  GEEKSTA 00:49 20 Jan 2008

Ill have you know my friend,
not everyone wants to paying 35 pence a minute for an average 30 minute call, including a queue, which equals = £10.50.

You dont like what I say, you can but out of my thread MATE.

  DANZIG 02:03 20 Jan 2008

Whatever company anyone gets anything from, be it power, entertainment, anything - there will always be another company saying that their service is better.

Thats business and the nature of our society.

Its capitalism, and personally I would rather live in a capitalistic society where ingenuity and good business sense is paramount, rather than some idealistic thought process which says that we should all get everything for free.

  DANZIG 02:31 20 Jan 2008

You might not like what 'Gandalf' or anyone else says but telling them to 'but (sic) out of my thread' is a bit similar to saying " I don't like your arguement so I will NOT talk to you" - the same kind of thing we all did when we were kids.

  Monument 03:16 20 Jan 2008

FYI Virgin Media is owned by NTL not Richard Branson - they bought the name from him.

  mark2 07:21 20 Jan 2008

I recently had reason to call the VM helpline on a Saturday about 11 am, owing to an inability to connect to the net, connected to an operator within 2 mins, fault diganosed (as a fault with the network) on ending the call the young lady explained there would be a credit for the call on our phone bill. She also called me back with an update on the time scale for the repair.

Since charges were introduced I've had reason to call VM twice, both times dealt with quickly.

In the years prior to charging for the helpline I've been hanging on for 30 minutes or more, seems people are more likely make the basic checks before ringing a chargeable line than a free one. To me my personal leisure time is worth more than 35p a minute.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:26 20 Jan 2008

I am never likely to be your 'mate' but at the risk of stating the obvious, if you do not like it..leave Virgin. Nothing is going to change so get used to it.

Like mark2, many people's personal leisure time is worth more than 35p/minute and if the call is answered quickly and efficiently then it is worth it.

'But now i think Branson has finally realised that he is probably making a loss with his helplines'..although Branson does not own it why should a company make a loss. Companies are formed to make money not a s a charity to the general public. If you supply a service you charge for it. Try getting a plumber to call for nothing.

You have learned a valuable ecomomics lesson...for free.


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