You know how we often bang on about technology,

  Forum Editor 18:51 16 Mar 2010

and the speed at which it develops?

Well, take a look at this little baby, note the astonishing capacity, relevant to size, note the price tag, and then take a guess at how long it will be before that cost will be halved, and then fall rapidly to about 10% of what it is now.

  Forum Editor 18:52 16 Mar 2010
  Pineman100 18:52 16 Mar 2010

Oops! Is there a missing link, FE?

  Pineman100 18:53 16 Mar 2010

You beat me to it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:54 16 Mar 2010

I can buy it £13 cheaper.....bargain! click here


  Pineman100 18:58 16 Mar 2010

At less than £2.50 per gig that's not uncompetitive with other, much smaller drives. Nevertheless, I agree that its price will undoubtedly fall.

How long before sold-state drives completely supercede hard drives? Maybe 3 years?

  Rigga 19:46 16 Mar 2010

How long before it's 1TB and it's given away with the Sunday papers? 10 years? I would guess less.

We are lucky people to have this rapid progression in technology, it really is an amazing time to be alive. R.

  canarieslover 20:12 16 Mar 2010

I've left a couple of USB drives in computers before and lost them. I don't mind so much when they are only £5's worth but I would really cry if I left that one anywhere. Do they come with a security chain and a reminder alarm if you walk away without it????

  g0slp 20:15 16 Mar 2010

That's an impressive bit of kit.

  Grey Goo 21:05 16 Mar 2010

Just think how much more sensitive information Government departments can lose. Makes them more efficient,unfortunately in the wrong direction.

  john bunyan 22:01 16 Mar 2010

I bought 1 Gig removable "Jazz" drives at £60 each !!. They were loaded into a built in SCSI drive in my old "Dan"and were a bit like a small VHS tape. Still got 'em but no drive! How tines change!

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