you have never had it so good you lucky people

  karmgord 19:09 19 Nov 2010

According to LORD Young,
"we have never had it so good"
This is of course true if you have a large mortgage that has seen the repayments tumble or your Centrica shares are paying handsome dividends on the back of record profits or are a Banker (not a typo)sharing in the £7 billion pound bonus pot this year.
Also job insecurity will keep staff on their toes and allow you to pay minimum wage.

Not so true if your rent has increased,your fuel & food bills rise WAY above inflation,with no hope of a pay rise or even a cut or redundancy.

  Armchair 19:20 19 Nov 2010

How dare you question his Lordship's insane ramblings! You........., you PEASANT!

  rdave13 19:24 19 Nov 2010

He has appologised for dropping that rather large clanger publicly and squirmingly according to R4 daytime news.

  morddwyd 20:07 19 Nov 2010

And now resigned.

  karmgord 21:10 19 Nov 2010

I don't think I live in the real world.

click here

  jakimo 15:55 21 Nov 2010

In 1957,it was very true when Harold Macmillan made his 'Never had it so good' speech,as that was the time we were on the crest of an economic boom.

But its unlikely that there will be another UK economic boom in my or most readers lifetime

  wee eddie 16:15 21 Nov 2010

I have rarely had so much 'available' income.

No Mortgage and few responsibilities. I used those of my shares, which were not performing, to buy a Taxi and so created income stream with little mental or physical labour that doesn't interfere with my Curling.

The only blot on the landscape is a Planned Pension, which has proved defective, but I have 5, or more, years to remedy that.

  egapup 17:12 21 Nov 2010

Roll on the revolution.

  lotvic 17:23 21 Nov 2010

I read your 'click here' ........surrreal.. what planet are they on?

  Strawballs 17:32 21 Nov 2010

That's about the same as Vince Cable saying that the Lib-Dem manifesto pledge to fight any increase in tuition fees does not count as they lost the election as Lib-Dem and now they are following coalition polices.

They are willing to sell any principles to get a taste of power.

  birdface 17:57 21 Nov 2010

Like jakimo said Harrold MacMillan was famous for quoting those words and it was true.
You could leave a job in the morning and start a new one in the afternoon.
Jobs galore in those days.

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