you DO keep your AV program updated....dont you?

  p;3 23:05 21 Feb 2007

after some rather alarming conversations with some work colleagues ,I wonder if people do realise that the AV program really does work better when updated;

also ,comment from one colleague 'a paid for antivirus program will work better than a free one '

one colleague said ' I am getting my web page changed every time I open it '

'what antivirus protection are you using?'

'Norton'(p3's heart sinks )

'when did you last update it?'

'erm...about two years ago...'

and another colleague I beleive has AVG (probably NOT kept updated either); she thinks ';it does not work well so I will pay for Norton as it will work better than a free program '

my attempts to explain that a free one works just as well as a paid for one BUT , and the BIG will do sweet zilch unless you DO update it and KEEP it updated

how DO people expect the AV program of their choice to function correctly unless it IS updated regularly, daily if necessary ; answers and suggestions on a postcard (on the pop up that is appearing due to non update of the Av program )

  Al94 23:14 21 Feb 2007

Thats why I love Avast, free, efficient and automatic updates.

  Strawballs 23:24 21 Feb 2007

My son recently bought a laptop home from one of his work mates saying could I have a look at it because it is running slow and getting lots of pop ups.

It had Norton security suite 2006 that was screeming at him to renew subscription, it is about a year old and it came with 6months free definition upgrades and the other popups are those "your computer is at risk from spyware download etc" about 3 of them.

So I used it's wireless to connect to my router and used the symentech uninstaller to remove Nortons and then downloaded AVG AV, did a scan and removed all it suggested, then downloaded adaware se and updated it, ran it and removed 600 items, then did the same with AVG antispyware and finnally regcleaner went to tools> regclean> do them all and it came up with 350 safe to remove reg entries.

Before giving it back checked that AVG was on automatic update, my sons mate said that it was running faster than it ever had, I said that it wasn't faster than ever it was he had so much rubbish on it he had forgotten how it should run.

  Watchful 07:50 22 Feb 2007


  PaulB2005 08:03 22 Feb 2007

NOD32 updates before i get a chance to do so manually.

I'll never forget going to see a heavily infected PC. The owner said he had Norton AV installed but it would run out in about a month. He ranted on about how it was scandeliosu how they change for the software and it doesn't remove the viruses. Upon starting the PC up there was a hijacked desktop wallpaper, dozens of naughy pop ups and a very slow PC.

Eventually one came up that said "Norton Av is out of date. Do you want to up date?" As i went to click Yes he actually knocked my hand out of the way and selected "Remind me in 7 days" and clicked OK. When i asked him why he did that he said "That's how they get more money from you with the upgrades". Needless to say whilst it was installed 11 months ago it was over 14 months out of date because it had never been up dated from the day it was installed.

  crosstrainer 15:29 22 Feb 2007

So many people simply do not update anti-virus, spyware and adware progs...when I try to explain to them that it would be cheaper for them to do so, rather than paying me to sort out the disasters on machines which could so easily have been avoided... It's like banging your head against a brick wall, they just don't listen. One machine has been back to me 3 times in the last 2 months explained, fixed, demonstrated it's back again really soon.

  SB23 15:41 22 Feb 2007

I'm the same as Watchful and Al94. Thats the main reason I also use Avast. (I don't have to remember a thing!)
Works for me, lol.

  wolfie3000 15:46 22 Feb 2007

Using mcafee atm and i always force it to check for updates whether it likes it or not every time i go online.

But automaticly checks its self anyway.

  Jimmy14 15:52 22 Feb 2007

"Norton'(p3's heart sinks )"

I'm sure your heart sank at the excellence of Norton. I don't need to keep my Norton updated it does it iself. Even runs its own scans in the background.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 22 Feb 2007

my sons mate said that it was running faster than it ever had,

It probably was because you removed Norton, a well known resource hog.

  Jimmy14 17:43 22 Feb 2007

"a well known resource hog."

Definitely not in the 2007 version on a Windows Vista Premium Ready laptop.

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