You can study sausages

  onthelimit2 16:01 18 Aug 2010

You can go to Uni and study about sausages

click here

whats your favourite sausage. and don't be a silly sausage.

  wee eddie 16:21 18 Aug 2010

served with mashed Potato and Swede

  Pineman100 16:31 18 Aug 2010

Mine would never stay on the plate long enough for me to study them.

My favourite is a home-made sausage produced by some friends who rear a few Gloucester Old Spot pigs. They're absolutely wonderful - the only sausages I've ever come across that taste just as good they smell when they're cooking.

'Scuse me. I've just thought of something I must go and do....


  interzone55 16:34 18 Aug 2010

Naturally this is at a German university, a country obsessed with packing poor quality meat into intestines.

My personal favourite sausage is my local butcher's Pork & Black Pudding sausage

  johndrew 16:38 18 Aug 2010

Isn`t it nice to know that the UK isn`t the only country to offer totally pointless courses. Any decent butcher can make a spicy, good tasting pork sausage after doing an apprenticeship.

  simonjary 16:38 18 Aug 2010

At Bangor University?

  961 16:43 18 Aug 2010

I think your telling porkies!

  jakimo 17:54 18 Aug 2010

Pork from a local farm who rear and slaughter their own pigs\chickens and sell them at their farm|butcher shop.

on the subject of courses,

some years ago Uni's ran a course on coronation street, and as recent as 2000 you could go on a David Beckam degree course. I cant think of what job you could apply for with such usless degrees

  morddwyd 18:06 18 Aug 2010

It's a sausage academy rather than a university so it's hardly surprising people go there to study sausages.

There is a wide variety of wurst in Germany, very strictly regulated as to content.

The Naafi was only permitted to import British bangers by special permission, as they would not have been permitted to be described as sausages, or wurst, under German law. Not enough meat.

Bratwurst, for instance, has to be 97% pork.

The meat may be poor quality (though such is not my experience) but you get plenty of it!

  jakimo 18:51 18 Aug 2010

I prefer a little quality rather than an abundance of crap kraut meat

  Forum Editor 19:28 18 Aug 2010

That's the kind of comment that you make when you haven't a clue about the subject.

I'm not averse to the occasional sausage, and I've travelled a little over the years. Almost the best sausages I ever tasted were served to me in my hotel in Vienna, and the very best I ever tasted turned up on my plate in Munich. I can get excellent sausages here, in the UK, but inferring that German sausages are 'crap' is a stupid thing to do.

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