Yet another Holiday Tax

  ^wave^ 08:12 08 Jun 2007

Its probably me not keeping up with things, but I have just looked at my holiday invoice checking what I owe. Not a problem I can see I can pay it online,great. Got online and the amount is different why????. Had to get the trusty phone out and dial a 0870 number only to be told it was another GOVERMENT TAX!!!!!!.
I dont

  rezeeg 10:25 08 Jun 2007

In my latest flight booking taxes are more than one third of the total cost.

  Jackcoms 10:29 08 Jun 2007

"only to be told it was another GOVERMENT TAX!!!!!!"

Would you care to be somewhat more specific?

Exactly what is this "Government Tax"?

Does it have a name?

  spuds 12:01 08 Jun 2007

This 'extra tax' was given as a warning about two months ago. Some travel companies were going to include it in their prices, others were not.

There appears to be a growing concern about 'cheap low budget' flights, and the way the final bill is worked out. Watchdogs and Consumer Groups are in the process of reviewing the way advertising methods seems to offer good bargains!.

  Cymro. 13:03 08 Jun 2007

Stop complaining. If you can afford to go abroad on holiday then you can afford to pay

the extra tax. There are plenty who can never afford any sort of holiday and with the

extra tax there is at least some hope that the government will be able to help them.

Yes alright I know it is rather unlikely but we live in hope.

  ^wave^ 13:18 08 Jun 2007

i can afford to go on holiday because i save hard for it what i dont like is the way we are stealth taxed by this goverment. i for one never voted for them or ever will.

  dagbladet 13:28 08 Jun 2007

Thanks to the internet I now put together my own holiday packages. To make this affordable I use budget airlines. Not luxury, but it's the difference between going abroad and not. When I book the flights I'm under no illusions that the £9.99 EW flight is going to wotk out at about £75 return each, adult or child.

  dagbladet 13:30 08 Jun 2007

I mean I'm fully aware that it will cost £75 each. It reads differently to how it sounded in my head.

  Cymro. 13:40 08 Jun 2007

It so happens I did not vote for this lot either. Where I live we have a choice other

than the usual Torry or Labor. Consider yourself lucky that you can afford to save

anything from your wages there are plenty that can`t. As for stealth tax, tax is tax and l

ike death is inevitable.

  Colin 14:14 08 Jun 2007

Cymro - I don't understand your logic. Just because you can afford one thing, doesn't mean you can afford something else. The politics of envy are not attractive, just destructive. This was the logic used in 70's London when it was fashionable to vandalise Rolls Royce cars - "if they can afford a Rolls Royce, they can afford to get it repaired".

^wave^ - as per Jackcoms post, can you be more specific about this particular tax?

  Cymro. 14:30 08 Jun 2007

What you can afford is a matter of priorities. There are many who will never be able o

afford any sort of holiday. My politics are not so much those of envy but those of

trying to help the worst off in society and to do that we must have a fair tax

system. So I think it is fair to tax foreign holidays as only the better off can afford

them. As for vandalizing Rolls Royce cars, it may be petty but it is true that if you

can afford such things then you can afford the insurance on them to pay for the damage.

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