Yet another example of 'Snout in the Trough'

  jack 20:06 29 Apr 2009

From somebody who is paid to look after our interests click here

IMHO This is truly an example of fiddling on a grand scale and presumably a set of rules that allow it to happen
Surely a position such as this is annual salary including paid leave.
That is 52 weeks pay and requirement to attend to duties 46/8 of them.
How can then the untaken leave be 'soldback'

My teacher daughter inevitably does not take all holidays due - She is always 'In work' at the beginning clearing up,and toward the end - preparing - As a public employee can she 'sell' untaken time too?

  laurie53 20:24 29 Apr 2009

This seems to apply to all employees at Kent County Council, so it would appear that if your daughter worked for KCC she could, as a public employee, sell untaken leave.

If you do not take all the leave you are entitled to, by law, then you might just as well write your employer, whoever they are. a cheque for the days' wages yous haven't received!

"Selling Back" untaken leave is a practice I have been advocating for years, and it's good to see a progressive council grasping the nettle for the benefit of all its staff.

  interzone55 20:32 29 Apr 2009

Several places I've work paid people time & half for working during their holidays, I'm not sure if this case is any different...

  dagnammit 22:44 29 Apr 2009

Teachers get months off in the summer!

From what I've read this guy is hard working and his pay deal is all above board.... "no snout in the trough".

  Quiller. 22:52 29 Apr 2009

I have to work through my holidays, I get double time for doing so.

My daughter was a temp teachers assistant and only got paid for the weeks she worked. So she had no pay for 12 weeks+ in a year.

  Forum Editor 23:08 29 Apr 2009

with selling back untaken holiday entitlements at all. It seems like a sensible solution to me. If you are contractually entitled to time off and you don't take it, why shouldn't you offer it back to your employer for a fee?

It's up to the employer to make a value judgment, and decide whether or not the game is worth the candle.

I see no snout in any trough here.

  oresome 23:26 29 Apr 2009

I calculate that he has probably sold back 3 weeks holiday.

A responsible employer should be questioning if it is wise to allow a high powered executive to become a workaholic.

  Proclaimer 08:19 30 Apr 2009

back to them if you don't take the days. Anyone in the company can do it. I like the idea.

  jack 08:45 30 Apr 2009

I seem to be a minority - mind you I guess if you can you will - I would I guess.
But to my mind - my argument is still 52 weeks pay for one year is still one years pay- what is done with time allowances is up to the individual.

dagnammit- 'Teachers get months off in the summer!
The school Holiday may be 6 weeks or so- but as far as my daughter[25 years a teacher]is concerned she is lucky to see 3 weeks of it.
Same Easter and Christmas[shorter schools breaks here too.]
Hourly paid worker can be a different issue - if you work you get paid- If you don't -you don't
So getting paid extra for working holiday is to be expected

  interzone55 08:54 30 Apr 2009

But if you are contractually entitled to pay when doing nothing for 4 or 5 weeks - ie Holidays - but you work through those holiday weeks you should be entitled to some form of compensation, either a buyback policy, or overtime for the period worked - as I stated I used to get time & half for the holidays, plus holiday pay when at Littlewoods, so essentially two & times pay.

Although I have to say that this was only the case if I had to work because the company required it, I could just choose to work through my holidays and I would imagine it's the case at other places.

On the other hand, many companies, my currently employer included, are now doing just the opposite, requesting employees to take extra unpaid leave due to the recession, so it's swings and roundabouts really...

  interzone55 08:56 30 Apr 2009

two typos there:

"I could just choose to work through my holidays" should be "couldn't just choose"


"my currently employer included" should be "current employer"

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