'Yes Minister' alive and well.

  gengiscant 09:55 10 Dec 2010

Seemingly major bureaucratic problems for George Osborne over a Christmas tree. Glad to see the country is in such competent hands.click here
Scary stuff.

  jakimo 13:20 10 Dec 2010

I rather liked Osbornes jester,the rest of the story is pathetic

  gengiscant 15:06 10 Dec 2010

Asking 'Forum member' to lighten up is probably one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read. He is in dire need of a humor transplant.
Every light hearted post,in he comes with his dour attitude.

But back to Georgie boy, had he not realized that by pulling the top of the tree towards himself he would have been able to pop the fairy in her spot,no ladder needed? Perhaps, dare I say it stick the fairy on the tree before standing it up.

But George is not short of a bob or two could he not have slipped someone a couple of quid to do it all for him.

  Toneman 18:16 10 Dec 2010

I like the bit about the budget brief case being empty, locked and the key lost. Are they sure there isn't a fortune inside, perhaps enough to pay off the National Debt...

  Forum Editor 18:24 10 Dec 2010

that I would routinely delete posts which contain abusive and/or offensive references to other forum members, and I have just removed two such posts here.

I'm determined that we shall have a forum in which we can conduct discussions and offer opinions without resorting to childish taunts and innuendo. I don't think it's too much to ask, and I'm going to make the request once again. Anyone who finds it difficult to behave in a reasonable way is free to find some other, less discriminating forum in which to play.

  Forum Editor 18:32 10 Dec 2010

Well, given the choice between a government which signed a contract that meant we paid £875 for a Ministry Christmas tree, and one which wants to get one from B&Q for £40 I think I know who gets my vote.

Well done George Osborne, it's good to see a little common-sense going on. It's certainly not what's going on in the corporate minds of Exchequer Partnerships, who warned that they would not help water 'an off-contract tree'.

  Jameslayer 03:07 12 Dec 2010

I'm not a government fan but well done for taking the sensible cost affective option. Maybe in the future a plastic tree would be a better investment but real trees are nicer.

Is it just me but I enjoy putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it. That's part of the Christmas fun for me and my work colleges.

  Monoux 09:35 12 Dec 2010

"I'm determined that we shall have a forum in which we can conduct discussions and offer opinions without resorting to childish taunts and innuendo."

Again fine words and when we see the concept behind them applied even handedly they will give reasurance to all.

  gengiscant 09:40 12 Dec 2010

Hear Hear,I could not agree more.

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