Yahoo Toolbar in Chrome

  morddwyd 09:14 21 Aug 2011

I have Chrome as my default browser and I wish to use Yahoo as my default mail client.

To do this I need to install the Yahoo toolbar, but the latest version is not compatible with Chrome.

Anyone know where I can get an earlier version?

Even the trusted old faithful FileHippo doesn't seem to have it.

  Bapou 11:43 21 Aug 2011
  Bapou 11:45 21 Aug 2011

Sorry about my 'Click Here', first time using it and really messed up.

  morddwyd 18:32 21 Aug 2011

Thanks. I can already access my Yahoo mail account in Chrome. What I want to do is make Yahoo my default mail client i.e. when I click on a "Contact Us" link I get my Yahoo mail page, not Windows Livemail, which I've never used,

  mark2 19:37 21 Aug 2011

Have a look at the yahoo widget, (possibly the same as above) download link at the end of the article, not a yahoo user so unable to check it out, but the gmail version does as you ask when clicking a "contact us" link

  morddwyd 08:24 22 Aug 2011

Thanks. As I say, don't have any problem accessing my Yahoo account in Chrome, or any other browser for that matter Chrome is my default browser and I rarely use anything else, just as Yahoo is my default mail account.

It's just that when I click on a "Contact Us" link I invariably get the Windows Live compose screen, and I have to copy the address then paste into Yahoo, which is nearly always already open in another tab anyway.

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