XP SP3 update problems

  BryanR 14:14 07 May 2008

Am I the only PCA user having problems updating to XP SP3? I'm currently trying to update two machines, one running XP Pro, the other with XP Home. Both machines appear to have downloaded the SP3 update from the Windows Update site OK, but have hung mid-install...

I'm being fairly patient, but both PCs have been sat apparently doing nothing for the past 15 minutes and I'm wondering how much longer to leave it before restarting and trying again.

Any comments welcome.


  sunny staines 14:24 07 May 2008

just done the laptop, it looked liked it had paused but underneath was a wizard once i clicked on that it installed without anyproblems.

shrink the download screen down to the taskbar to seen the wizard dialogbox

  RickyC :-) 14:29 07 May 2008

The update and install process takes a little longer than you might expect, so you might just need to wait a while. Thinking back to the XP SP2 update - that seemed to take about an hour on some of the machines I updated at the time. SP3 doesn't compare...


  BryanR 14:32 07 May 2008

thank you both for your ressponses... the Wizard has now appeared and updates are being installed. Guess I was trying to rush it. Will post back if there any issues once it's been instaled.


  charmingman 15:21 07 May 2008

BryanR i'd be intrested to know if your machine runs any better or any changes please...

  Joe R 16:13 07 May 2008

Installed sp3 this morning without any problems.

Full installation only took around seven or eight minutes.

Have not noticed any difference in speed or running, except for the fact that, it changed back my boot-up and shut down tunes to the default windows sounds. Only took a minute to revert.

  BryanR 16:34 07 May 2008

The only difference I've noticed is that whenever I try to install anything (and I mean *anything*), a Vista-type window pops up telling me that it might be a bit dodgy and am I certain I want to install this... ;-) All fine though..

  MrCutter 16:41 07 May 2008

I'm hanging back from installing it to see if anyone has any problems.

  dth 16:57 07 May 2008

took about 30 minutes here

  sunny staines 18:15 07 May 2008

the first beta was faster, but not rc2 or the final.

  anskyber 18:29 07 May 2008

About 40 mins on my wifes XP machine.

I cannot see any obvious benefits however.

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