X Factor Row

  birdface 11:07 06 Oct 2010

I have not seen any coments on this.
I also have to admit that I very seldom watch this program but did the other night.
I thought the actual decision was terrible.
The young girl was a great singer and I commented to the wife that I thought that she would go on and win it.
The other singer was completely out of tune and could not even finish the song and yet she was picked to go through.
This also happened with another singer who could not sing properly as she had a throat infection but still managed to get through withough finishing her song.
I now read that the first girl is now to be deported but whether that was anything to do with it or not i do not know.
If you did not watch it this is what happened.

click here

Some others from Google.

click here

Did you watch it and what was your opinion.

  Quickbeam 11:12 06 Oct 2010

Can't this be incorporated into the 'why bother' thread;)

  birdface 11:40 06 Oct 2010

I suppose it could be if you don't have an opinion.
But after watching it you wonder how or why the decisions were made.
You also have to take into account the amount of money bookmakers take in this type of competition and just using common sense you would automatically say the decision was at the least a bit Iffy.
2 contestants came out sang their songs and did exceptionally well.
The other 2 Singers came out and none of the 2 of them could sing in tune or finish their songs, and go through to the next round.
You have to wonder if the decisions were correct or not.
A lot of money at stake with the winners and probably some of the runner ups with a very high earning probability for the future.
A lot of heartache for the losers especially when they probably did not deserve to loose.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:06 06 Oct 2010

Anyone who believes this rubbish needs a serious reality check. It is ALL done for publicity and Cowell is the master of self-promotion. I can guarantee that every 'leak' or 'exclusive' is carefully made up by Cowell's PR machine, everything from the *ahem* rows between the judges to this loads of cobblers. Every decision is made to make money and get publicity in a shamelessly obvious way.


  birdface 12:35 06 Oct 2010

Yes you are probably right.
But when it affects the future of good contestants who get rejected for no apparent reason it makes you wonder why.
They will probably get more viewers at the weekend to see what sort mistakes that they make again.

I will point out that at no time did I think it was a racist decision just a poor decision.
And to do it twice was just unthinkable.

I don't think that the racism claim made by the Daily Mail really stand up - it was Cheryl that was Alex Burke's mentor a couple of years ago, and she was married to Ashley Cole! I agree with Gandalf - publicity!

  gengiscant 12:43 06 Oct 2010

Whats X Factor?

  wee eddie 12:56 06 Oct 2010

if you don't "sign-up" to Mr Simon Cowell's Company!

  Monoux 12:57 06 Oct 2010

Perhaps this is why she was not allowed to go through click here

  morddwyd 20:56 06 Oct 2010

"the future of good contestants"

But it is not your opinion of what is a good contestant which counts.

It's the opinion of the guy who makes his money from picking "good" contestants, Simon Cowell.

Love him or hate him (I'm in the latter camp!) he does what he does very well, and makes a good living from it.

  Legolas 08:52 07 Oct 2010

Agree it was most likely down to a desire for publicity, if I thought for a moment it had anything to do with racism I would be very disappointed and not a little disgusted, but I think the Daily Mail is looking for a bit of publicity of its own. Didn't see it, have never seen it so can't comment on the content.

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