x box killing pc games

  citadel 20:49 05 Dec 2005

I recently got call of duty2 for the pc and although it is a good game I find it has been watered down to suit consoles. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

  Totally-braindead 21:03 05 Dec 2005

I completed Call of Duty 2 a couple of weeks ago but am still playing it, I've never noticed the watering down you mention. Could you elaborate as to what you mean.

  PaulB2005 22:10 05 Dec 2005

Yes. Please explain what you mean.

It's funny how when a new round of consoles come out the "My Eggs Box beats a PC" threads come out. A couple of months later and PCs are back on top for months until it's time for another console relase....

  Starfox 23:06 05 Dec 2005

Not sure about Call of Duty 2 being watered down,for x-box or otherwise,but it certainly is a lame duck compared to the original.Got bored with it after the first level,it's far too easy and has a feable storyline,now back in its box and I doubt I will bother playing it again.

I got the impression that this is just an attempt to milk us gamers with a poor follow up to what was a good game first time round.

  citadel 23:13 05 Dec 2005

I found call of duty 2 short. The tank section was too easy, I did not expect the tank battles to be as hard as operation flashpoint but as least as good as soldiers heros of world war 2.

  PaulB2005 23:21 05 Dec 2005

Bought & played CoD - love it. Still play from time to time.

Downloaded and installed CoD 2 Demo the day it came out - played it once, uninstalled, never bought it....

  wolfie3000 03:17 06 Dec 2005

I have never played cod 2 but i think us pc gamers have it better than console gamers as i found out after finishing most of my games i can modify the game add new levels and change stuff instead of finishing the game and that being that.
one example would be gta vice city i finished the game and then got a program to make it playable online which i think makes the game more enjoyable.

There are alot of add ons for pc games that console gamers cant get so pc gamers get the bettewr deal.

  gudgulf 09:14 06 Dec 2005

You might find this article interesting click here

Having played right through CoD2 I have to say I enjoyed it....it is different from the original that's all.Some of the changes work...like slightly more freedom to move round the maps and marginally better AI,and some don't...like smaller maps/missions and no recoil on the MP40.Just like a console game.

Peobably the biggest controversey with this game is the lack of any anti-cheat mechanism for the online multiplayer game.

Best played on one of the two hardest settings in my opimion.

Graphics are excellent if you have the system power to run them.

  gudgulf 09:16 06 Dec 2005

Oops....that's probably not peobably!!!

  MESH Support 09:53 06 Dec 2005

There have been several features like that one in the Inquirer recently.

I am lucky to be in an industry and have a hobby that gives me access to a few of the new titles. My opinion is asked but rarely listened to.

From what I understand the games are written with the platform that is likely to make the most money in mind first and at the moment that appears to consoles. From some of the recent samples I've received I think I agree.

The companies rarely want their samples back but there are definitely some I wish had never sent me them.


  Canis meus id co 13:15 06 Dec 2005

L: "Right, I was thinking about what I could get for Chrithmath this year, have you had any thoughths?"

A: "Wanna eggbox"

L: "You want an egg-boxth?"

A: "Yeah."

L: "Well I don't think an egg-boxth ith gonna be much uthe or much fun."

A: "Yeah I know."

L: "Right then, what would you like for Christhmath?"

A: "Eggbox... three sixty."

L: "Ohh, you wanna XTHBOXTH? "Well, I don't think we're gonna be able to get one now. It thounds like they're very poular this Christhtmath. Anyhow, you thaid you didn't want an XTHBOXTH becauthe you didn't want to become a thlave or pay careleth amounths of hard earned money to the conthumer overlord that is Microthoft."

A: "Yeah I know."

L: "Right, that thettles it then. What elth would you like for Chrithmath?"

A: "Eggbox, I wanna eggbox."

L: <sigh>

[After six hours queueing outside of a local compuer game shop, they emerge with the shiny white machine...]

L: "Righto then, thal we go home now and thee what this thing can do?"

A: "Yeah... I dun like it. I wanna eggbox."

L: "Well, thath what you got in yer hanths innit?"

A: "No, I wanna eggbox... with eggs in it."

L: <sigh>

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