www will crash tomorrow....

  Mikè 22:34 25 Aug 2004
  kev.Ifty 23:03 25 Aug 2004

Oh those nasty beasts! Have they no compassion?

Do they not realise the import of our internet conection and the effect it could have on our lives if lost?

What next?....Shouting in a really loud voice?

Calling us very very rude names?

The're EVIL i tell ya EVIL!!!

;~) Kev

  leo49 23:06 25 Aug 2004

Surely no-one takes seriously anything that appears on the Internet's equivalent of "The Sun"?

  JYPX 23:13 25 Aug 2004

Mikè. I think I have sorted it. I did a right click on the Internet icon on my desktop and selected "download the whole internet with flashget" However, it looks like it may take a while....

  Charence 00:36 26 Aug 2004

is The Inquirer not a reliable source? I think the internet being shut down is quite unlikely.


  Forum Editor 00:48 26 Aug 2004

that this time tomorrow the internet will be alive and well. It was designed in the first place as a military communications network, intended for use by the American armed forces in the event of a war. Thw whole idea of the internet is its resilience; the network bypasses areas of damage, and finds a new route to a destination.

  Al94 09:44 26 Aug 2004

So far - so good!!

  spuds 11:53 26 Aug 2004

I wonder if their is a programme available to prevent this. There was in the year 2000 changeover.. Remember that :o(

Mind, there was a problem with transfering DWP funds into peoples benefit/pension accounts the other day. Wonder if this is a trial version for a shut-down!.

  jack 14:21 26 Aug 2004




  Mikè 18:54 26 Aug 2004

Have just arrived home from a day out, did it crash then?
Apparently the've now found a double decker bus on the moon, it's on the internet so it must be true (FE the bus had a laptop that a passenger must have left behind) so it,s a computer connected story.

  Forum Editor 19:06 26 Aug 2004

of this summer madness.

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